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Shew Brought Down An Egg Ham and Cheese Sandwich From Morning Glory

FOBs (friends of the blog) Shew and his son Brian brought down a tasty egg, ham and cheese breakfast sandwich from Morning Glory last weekend which was much appreciated!

A big shout out to Shew’s son Brian, a hard working kid who just got his license!  Way to go Brian!

Morning Glory

Morning Glory, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

My usual breakfast haunt was closed today, so I decided on breakfast at a place I hadn’t eaten at in a while, Morning Glory.

This place is old school. You know a place is old school when they only offer on the tables a big canister of sugar and not the usual assortment of blue, yellow and red packets of artificial sweeteners for your coffee. A request for splenda produced the sweetener of choice and a smile from our very patient server.