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Bright Sky at Night

Bright moon and some fast moving clouds last night.

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The moon during the day on a warm March afternoon

For more information about why we can see the moon and sun at the same time please following the following link. http://www.universetoday.com/75848/why-can-we-see-the-moon-during-the-day/

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Block Party Moon

How many Block Party participants noticed the beautiful, nearly full moon?  As wispy clouds passed across the sky, they made the face of the moon seem to be changing constantly.       – Matthew Green  

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Rubber Duck Counterpoint: The Super Moon is Super!

First some definitions. Supermoon: When Full Moon and Perigee occur at the same time. Full Moon: When the Moon is opposite the sun and lit 100%. Everyone knows that. It happens every 29.5 days. (Remember that number, it’s important.) Perigee of … Continue reading

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Beautiful Moon

  Shot with my Sony a65 with no tripod. This is one more reason why I love this camera…   – Fr. Matthew Green

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Remember the “Super Moon”?

This was a year ago now… Time flies! A canvas giclée print of this shot will be for sale in the GMG section of EJ Lefavour’s gallery on Rocky Neck very soon. It was printed at Cape Ann Giclée, so … Continue reading

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Some photos from my archive

I took these almost a year ago and never got around to editing and publishing them until now… – Fr. Matthew Green

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Lots of early shows tomorrow (SUNDAY) will seem even earlier

OK, you’re setting your clocks ahead before you go to bed tonight, so that means everything that happens tomorrow will seem earlier.  That’s because it will be earlier even though our clocks will tell us differently.  Honestly, I don’t much … Continue reading

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Do I see the Man in the Moon?

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Almost ready for a full moon

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Moon over Shore Road, just amazing

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Super Moon II Sunday Night

The exact time of the full moon last night was very close to midnight. That means that tonight’s moonrise will be almost as big as yesterday. Some of you got some amazing shots with the fog. I got a super … Continue reading

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Quarter Moon

First time taking the picture of the moon using teachings from Len Burgess and Ms. Kathy Chapman..

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My shot of Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon

Click to embiggen. Since it is kind of boring I threw in a wiggly shot wherein the moon looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost as well as a shot of five lemons dressed up as cute pigs. Just keep clicking.

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Jupiter, Moon and Venus, Feb. 26, 2012 From Len Burgess

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Become One with the Solar System Tonight

OK, checking out the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus last night was a bust on Cape Ann because of the clouds. But tonight is the night. Tonight is the night you can become one with the solar system and all you … Continue reading

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