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Poptart Karma

This mom knew exactly what she was doing here didn’t she?

No kid is gonna offer up that Pop Tart.  No frickin way.  The only obvious way out for this little youngster was to head out the door and away from the evil mommy.  Mom set her up for this faceplant pure and simple.

You don’t think next time big momma asks Parker to share she’s gonna have this facial etched in her brain?  Next time she ought to up her game and lay a minefield of mousetraps along her path to the way out for a little extra effect.

You can rest assured next time Mommy Dearest asks little Parker for a pop tart she is gonna be making a bee line to mommy before she gets the wire hanger treatment. Pavlov has nothing on this mother of the year candidate.

Tough love.  Tough love indeed.