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Poll results

Well, the results of yesterday’s poll are pretty clear.  The vast majority of those who voted, were of the opinion that I should keep posting on GMG, perhaps including some disclaimer, or commentary when I disagree with something.  That’s pretty much what I was tending to think too.  Along those lines, I added a disclaimer of sorts to my profile description.

I hope that those who voted the opposite – that I should not be associated with the blog (two options to this effect were included in the poll, varying slightly on the reasons for leaving) – will understand my decision, which I think is pretty well explained by some of the comments that people posted.  Thank you for all your feedback, pro and con!

Speaking of juxtaposing very different kinds of content, here’s a photo I took of a statue of a family of Jelly Babies in front of the Gothic tower of the church of St. Germain L’Auxerrois in Paris.

Whatever, right?

Fr. Matthew Green