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Ryan Russell Represents! In Minnesota (Don’t Ya Know)


Hey Joey, 

On a recent road trip (totaling over 3,300 miles round trip) to Minnesota, I thought I could shed some light on this little known fact about a widely know river.

The Mississippi River starts from Lake Itasca, MN when it simply flows over a merely 12 foot wide rock barrier to my left in the picture. From there, “THE MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI BEGINS TO FLOW ON IT’S WINDING WAY 2552 MILES TO THE GULF OF MEXICO.”


Stone’s Pub

P.S. Also learned that rescue pups can grow up to be brave dogs! Caroline got up to 40mph on the Jet Ski! www.capeannanimalaid.com



Tammy Cohen Represents! In Minnesota (Don’t You Know?)

Hi Joey:
It was nice meeting you last week! As promised here is some GMG
representation in Minnesota. Just for the record, this 44 foot tall
snowman is not actually made of snow. That said, it is supposed to
snow here again tonight. (Can I come back to Gloucester now?)
And by the way – the lobsters we purchased from you were amazing. 🙂
Have a great day!
– Tammy