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Kristin Rotondo Heading Effort To Raise Money For Bench In Honor Of Mike and Alice Wheeler

I loved reading "Where would you want your bench?". I often think about where my bench should be.
I am trying to raise $950 to purchase a bench from the city for Mike and Alice Wheeler to be put in at Cripple Cove park. The Wheeler’s are the unofficial caretakers of the park. They mow, plant & clean the park. They do everything from prune & plant to clean trash, graffiti and poo. If you have spent any extended time there you have met them. They do this because they love the park and the children that play there.
I thought that your readers might be interested in donating or know someone who would be.
You can donate by going here
or there is a link on the Cripple Cove Park fan page on facebook.
Thanks so much.
Kristin Rotondo

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GDCC Public Service Clean-up this SATURDAY (8/22) from 9-11

Reminder — GDCC Public Service Clean-up this SATURDAY (8/22) from 9-11

Thanks for volunteering to take part in this summer’s GDCC public service event!

We’ll meet at 9 am sharp this Saturday, at the Gloucester High Parking Lot, near the football stands..  We’ll be done by 11, maybe a little earlier.

We’ll have special collection bags, thanks to Gloucester’s DPW, but suggest that you bring the following:

1.  Comfortable, sturdy gloves;

2.  Sunscreen and bug repellent;

3.  A small note pad and pen (to jot down the location of junk TVs, hazardous materials, and other stuff that we should let the city know about).

4.  And of course, bring along a friend or family member!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all — and helping spruce up Gloucester!

Thanks, Mike Wheeler

Tomorrow Saturday: Convenient Medicine Disposal!

medsThe Gloucester Democratic City Committee, though its Public Service Committee, is publicizing and supporting the City of Gloucester’s Medications Disposal Program.  Specifically, several of us will help collect outdated and used medications this Saturday, June 13, from 10 to 12, at the Rose Baker Senior Center Parking Lot.  The Center is located at 6 Manuel F. Lewis Street in downtown Gloucester.

As you may know, keeping unused medications on hand is a public health risk, especially if they’re found by children and young people.  Flushing medications down the toilet is bad for both public health and the environment.

Please check your own medicine cabinet for old medications, both prescription and over-the-counter items.  Vitamins, veterinary medications, narcotics, pills, and liquids will also be accepted.  This material will be appropriately destroyed by the Gloucester Police Department.  (Other items – such as syringes, needles, thermometers, IV bags, personal care products, empty containers, and the like – will not be accepted.)

Please also pass the word to friends and neighbors.  We hope to see you Saturday morning!  Thank you.

Mike Wheeler
Chair, GDCC Public Service Committee