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Ardelle Update From Len Burgess and Mike Dyer Also Harold Burnham’s podcast interview by Josephine Reed for the NEA National Heritage Fellowship Awards


Ardelle’s Arrival in Washington, D.C.

Len writes-

The stalwart crew of the Pinky Schooner Ardelle arrive in Washington, D.C. to deliver Captain Harold H. Burnham to the NEA National Heritage Fellowship Awards. Mike Dyer just sent up pictures and stories which are in the new album in the Essex Shipbuilding Museum’s Facebook.


Thank you, Mike! Mike tells me that there will be stories when they return. Stay tuned for updates!

Listen to Harold Burnham’s podcast interview by Josephine Reed for the NEA National Heritage Fellowship Awards. -LB


Community Photos

Mike Dyer Submits-

They are: Wingersheek Beach, bright blustery spring day.


Congregational Church, Manchester BTS.


Library and Congregational church, Manchester


Janet Rice Submits-

I took this shot a few days ago while we were waiting for the rain that never came.

Best-Janet Rice


Kathryn Sift Submits-

Hi Joey,
I hope you’re well. My parents are big fans of your blog and I spotted this – attached – today on East 86th Street in Manhattan!  They, Larry and Marilyn Swift, suggested I send it to you.


Pinky Schooner Ardelle at Anchor Photos From Elinor Teele and Mike Dyer

Elinor Teele Photos-




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Mike Dyer Submits-

Hi Joey,

Never too much Ardelle right?  Here are a couple pix taken this morning in the Essex River.

Best, Mike Dyer


High “King Tide" Brought Big Water to the Essex River Basin- Photos Mike Dyer

Taken at noon, Thursday.  The high “King Tide" brought Big Water to the Essex River Basin.

Looking east from the 4th tee at Cape Ann Golf Course.


Looking north from Stavros Reservation


Best~Mike Dyer

Joey Edit-

What’s A ‘King Tide” you ask?

Well check out the “King Tide” definition here on wikipedia

Pinky Schooner Ardelle Heeled Over for Stability Test- Photos Mike Dyer

Hi Joey,

Monday, August 23: the Ardelle is shown heeled over for a USCG stability test.  She did just fine!

Mike Dyer


Don’t forget-

Not To Miss!!! Welcoming the Ardelle to Gloucester August 24th at 6:30PM

Come down to the Heritage Center to join the celebration!

Mike Dyer Ardelle Launch Photos

She goes in!


Steve Willard, “paint master”, with Ardelle on mooring in background


Harold Burnham adjusting bilge block before the launch


The Ardelle on launch morning


The garland arrives, just before the launch


Harold relaxes afterward with a friend


Bob Brophy carves “Gloucester, MA” on the stern


The crew starts work on the port side “car”, upon which Ardelle will lean for the “Essex side launch”