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The Gloucester Fleet

The Gloucester Fleet

“Midnight Sun”


I Won the F/V Midnight Sun T-Shirt Raffle on Facebook!!

Who said Facebook wasn’t worth the bother. I now have proof. F/V Midnight Sun raffled off one of their awesome T-Shirts on their Facebook page¬†and just moments ago I won!

I never win anything. Actually I did win a Stop and Shop raffle for a basketball camp with Larry Bird, McCale and Parrish but the fine print said I had to be 12 or younger. It was a great present to a cousin. I was going to try to act 12 but I think I was 28 at the time and although I sometimes act 12 I was going to have a hard time passing for 12.

Thank you Midnight Sun, you can wrap a nice fish in it. ūüėČ I will post a pic with Rubber Duck wearing the T-Shirt.

Haddock? Yeah The Testaverde’s Midnight Sun’s Got That!

For all the negativity you read about the fishing industry here‚Äôs a family that‚Äôs always done it right and continues the tradition of being at the top of the list. Classy, strong, hard working Gloucester fishermen. 20,000 down the hole and 15,000 on deck. 

Boom!  That just happened!

Video tomorrow.



Joe Testaverde Sends In Dolphin Photos From When The Boys Brought the Midnight Sun Up From Texas

Hey Joe, bet you didn‚Äôt know I took some pictures of you steaming across the harbor Monday from the roof of the Coast Guard station did ya?  Look for the multi-part series starting Friday on the Coast Guard Boats, Inside the Station, On the Roof, The Can Do Caf√© (where they eat) and more.  They were great hosts and gave Manny and I incredible access.  It should be a great series.


Joe Testaverde writes-

Joey I took these pics. between Cuba and Key West while we were bring the Midnight Sun home from Texas, I saw many sightings of marine animals on our 9 day trip ; mostly in the middle of the Gulf stream which gave as us a 3-6 knot push home. Also we were  "Red Sox Nation" from the time we left dock in Texas till we got home.  Joe T.

Thanks for the pictures Joe!!!!

The Midnight Sun’s Dual Net Reels

Having Two Net Reels On The Stern of The Midnight Sun means that if they tear up the net on the bottom of the ocean by snaring it on some jagged rocks and tearing a hole right into the belly of the net, they only have to set back with the net on the other net reel and can continue fishing.  In the old days if a dragger ‚Äútore up‚ÄĚ the net on their boat with a single net they would have to head for home and mend the net.

The Midnight Sun sure is a pretty boat.  She always looks majestic and the Testaverde‚Äôs keep her maintained well.

Here she is getting fuel at the State Fish Pier.




Gloucester Dragger The Midnight Sun

Here is the Testaverde’s Midnight Sun tied up at The State Fish Pier.¬† Note the tarp over the net.¬† You’ll find out why you see draggers with their nets covered by tarps in an upcoming video clip.