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Privatizing Our Fisheries Will Leave Small Independent Fishermen Tattered

Sure a few fishermen will be able to sell out to big corporations for large amounts of money but once that circle is complete within a few generations, the way of the independent commercial fisherman will become much like the way of the small independent farmer.  Permits and boats will be far too costly for any individual to stake their claim much like my Grandfather Captain Joe did when he came to this country. Much like many of the Irish and Portuguese fishermen did.  Working hard, supporting families, buying businesses, sending their children to college and buying homes locally.

The stuff that real communities are made of.  The stuff that Gloucester IS made of.

Melissa K Covered In Snow 01/18/09

Moments after I took this picture the Kippen boys shoveled off the deck and headed out to go lobstering.

They got to about the Paint Factory when the engine alarm sounded.  Realizing that the temperature of the engine had spiked dramatically they did the right thing and shut it down immediatly.  Many times in the bitter cold cooling lines in engines freeze up and it can cause an engine to overheat.  You can get a blown head gasket and many other problems.  Shutting it down right away was the right course of action to prevent damage to the engine.

Kind of ironic that extreme cold creates a problem with overheating but that’s what happens when the coolant doesn’t get to circulate.

Gloucester Zen IIX

Minimal Editing- Minimal Commentary, Just A Slice of Time On Gloucester Harbor.

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Watch The Melissa K Pull Up To The Dock.  Also Sean & Tim Aboard The Degelyse discuss their new dos and the method to their madness in their quest for some “V- Notch” (Tim’s term, not mine).