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Paris, New and Old

Here are two photos from the Rue Rivoli in Paris, from my vacation last October. First, the tower of St. James (formerly part of a church, which is long gone):   I like the close proximity and similarity of the … Continue reading

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Can we get this at the McDonald’s on Maplewood?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the local McDonald’s sold locally made Italian pastries? Something like this: Yes, that’s a pastry counter at a McDonalds! More specifically, in the “McCafé” part of a McDonald’s in the Les Halles shopping center in … Continue reading

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More Photos From Inside and Out At The New Gloucester McDonalds From Ron Gilson

New Gloucester McDonalds From Ron Gilson VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL  

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Preview Inside The New Gloucester McDonalds- Pics From Ron Gilson

Ron Gilson writes- Outstanding Décor Beautiful Building and A Wonderful Addition To Gloucester Paulie Parisi, Chubby Liacono, Joe Giacalone, Bikey Scola, Gussy Balbo, Joe Turk and Tom Half a Buck Linquata Gussy Balbo, Joe Turk, Tommy Half a Buck Linquata, … Continue reading

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McDonald’s on Maplewood Avenue is almost done…

I hear that it will be opening in a couple of weeks! The sign on the fence says that they are hiring now… -Fr. Matthew Green

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Don’t look Now But McDonalds In Gloucester May Be The Classiest Designed McDonalds of All Time

They went from clown yellow and harsh red to a tasteful textured rock front. God bless the owners of McDonalds in Gloucester for putting in a fantastic re-do on whatr was formerly a monster eyesore.

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McDonald’s in Gloucester being reborn!

Back at the end of April, I posted about the demolition of the McDonald’s on Maplewood Ave., in preparation for a complete rebuilding. This is the photo I posted at the time. I took another photo at the end of … Continue reading

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Kudos To McDonalds Gloucester

The reconstruction is well under way. The building looks like it is mostly made of brick which blends in 100 zillion times nicer than the old building which was painted the most ghastly of primary colors of bright red, harsh … Continue reading

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Where did McDonalds go?

Someone told me that they are going to rebuild, because the building was old and needed a complete renovation. Kind of startling, though, to drive down the road and see this sight instead of the nice little Micky D’s that … Continue reading

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Da Sticka!

For the record I don’t approve of this type of public tagging :) It’s cool that the folks at McD’s dig GMG though! Represent! Da Sticka!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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I don’t know if it’s the McDonalds color scheme, the Playboy Charters name emblazoned on the stern or the addition of the phone number, but this might just be the classiest operation in town. Classy!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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