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Old Sloop brings top talent from Boston and Colorado to Rockport on Saturday

The Old Sloop Coffeehouse is known for bringing rising stars to Cape Ann — a risky business since rising stars, by their very nature (i.e., still rising) don’t have the draw of a more established artist.  Even falling stars draw better because people know them, and their names ring a familiar, sometimes nostalgic bell.  But that doesn’t stop the Old Sloop from booking rising stars and taking the risk.  And all of us benefit.

Every month, you can be sure that even though you may never have heard the names of the artists, just the fact that their playing the Old Sloop means they’re top talent.  These people do their homework.

It will be a long time before you can see Amy Black and Megan Burtt on the same stage again so close to home.  And when you do, it just might be in a big theatre with expensive tickets — not a cozy, intimate setting in our own backyard.  So as the song says, “get it while you can!”