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GMG Tattoo One Step Closer To Becoming a Reality

Spoke with Matt Maguire from Compass Rose Tattoo- The Tattoo Parlor That Gets The 100% GMG  Endorsement and Evie, our canvas and they are working on the final design and we are looking at early next week for the installation!

Can’t wait.  We are planning to tape it.  As soon as we get the mock up I’ll post it here and we will keep you updated.

The Compass Rose-Custom Tattoos

Gloucester has a new tattoo shop on Main street-The Compass Rose.  Mike and I passed by today and we stopped to check them out.   The shop is at 35 Main street in a pretty sweet 2nd floor location. It’s clean, professional, with artwork covering the walls.  Mike decided to get a custom skull tattoo.


Matt Maguire owns the shop and also works as an artist along with  Jon Saulnier. We didn’t have a chance to meet Matt, but he sounds like a pretty cool guy and a great artist. Mike worked with Jon, describing the tattoo he wanted while Jon worked his magic designing the tattoo.

Jon working on Mike’s tattoo:

One of Jon’s works of art:

The finished tattoo:

Jon did such a great job on Mike’s tattoo. The design and colors are perfect.  I’ll be making an appointment for myself this week to get my rosa rugosa tattoo touched up.  The Compass Rose welcomes walk-ins as well as appointments for custom work. You can contact them and see their work at http://compassroseink.com.