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Zooey in Action!

Here is Zooey (Mary Lou Maraganis’s foster dog) telling everyone to get back to work!  Zooey is managing the foundation pour of the Gloucester Dog Park pergola. The Pergola will be at the main entrance to the new dog park at Stage Fort Park.

Zooey is happy that the Dog Park construction is coming along and is planning on visiting the Dog Park often with her new family. Happy News– Zooey will be adopted on Saturday!



Generous Donations for Gloucester Dog Park

A Dog Park Update from Mary Lou Maraganis:


“Gloucester Dog Park is one paw closer to becoming a reality thanks to the generous donations of $12,500 by Christopher and Anne Lewis for The Cat Doctor of Gloucester and an anonymous donation of $10,000 by a Rockport resident.

We still have a way to go but these donations along with the Dusky Foundation’s matching gift was certainly a wonderful way to end 2011.  Remember the allocation of the land for the dog park was only approved by city council in March.  We’ve come a long way in 9 months.  This is due in part to a great crew of volunteers comprising the Friends of Gloucester Dog Park.  We are actively recruiting additional volunteers to help with PR, community development, events planning, web design, arts committee members, volunteer coordinator -simply anyone that wants to be an active part in making this dog park a valuable part of this community.”

To find out more information on donating and/or volunteering, please visit www.gloucesterdogpark.org or call 978-283-5723.


Gloucester Dog Park Receives Generous Donation

A follow up to the fundraising performance of Sylvia from May Lou Maraganis: 

Dusky Foundation Pledges $100,000 with Matching Funds to the creation of Cape Ann’s First Dog Park

Before a group of supporters at a benefit performance of ‘Sylvia’, a play about a rescue dog, a dog park and the relationships that ensue it was only fitting venue for the Friends of Gloucester Dog Park to announce the generous contribution by the Dusky Foundation of $100,000 to create such a park here inGloucester. Mary Lou Maraganis and Judi Masciarelli, co-founders of the dog park, have devoted the last year and a half to making this a reality.  With a core group of volunteers to assist them and the donation by the Dusky Foundation, groundbreaking is under way for phase one.

Although the city council unanimously approved the appropriation of land for the dog park at Stage Fort Park, the park will be built entirely by private donations.

Eighty percent of the $100,000 Dusky donation will be in matching funds making your donation go that much further and the dog park built that much sooner.

This is a recreational park built by and for the community to bring together the dog-loving community.

All gifts designated for the dog park are tax-deductible, and donations can be made through the Gloucester Fund. Checks should be made out to

                        The Gloucester Fund (earmark for theDogParkin the memo section)

                       45 Middle Street


If you would like to take advantage of limited naming opportunities, or would like to donate materials or services, please contact gloucesterdogpark@gmail.com or call 978- 768 3400 for further information.

Visit www.gloucesterdogpark.org and sign-up for the Friends of Gloucester Dog Park newsletters. 

Dogs up for Adoption- Greyson & Zoey

Mary Lou of All Dog Rescue has two beautiful dogs that she is fostering in Gloucester that are up for adoption. Greyson & Zoey are absolutely gorgeous! I have always had a soft spot in my heart for pit pulls, they get such a bad rap but all of the pit bulls I have ever met are just big cuddle bugs! Let’s help these two find their forever home.

About Greyson: 

“OK, by now you know from Greyson’s pictures that he is an extremely handsome boy. But what you don’t know is that he is as sweet and wonderful on the inside as well. He is new to rescue and we are still getting to know him but we have discovered he loves car rides, toys, playing with other dogs, cuddles and his walks. He has beautiful sparkling amber eyes, beautiful blue/grey fur and a wiggly butt and tail that is constantly going. He is fun, sweet, playful and affectionate. He weighs about 55 pounds and is around 2 years old. Athletic outside, calm and mannered inside the house. He likes to please so will likely be a quick learner. He adjusted very quickly to his new surroundings which is an indication of his adaptability and calm nature. To be the best dog he can be he will need a leader that will help socialize him and re-direct his enthusiasm when new people come to visit. This handsome Blue Pit Bull is waiting patiently for his forever home. He will make a wonderful companion in life. Because of his size, he is best in a household without young children.”

About Zoey:

“Zoey was found tied to the air conditioner shaft outside the pound and quickly became the staff favorite. She is a sweetheart with those real ‘puppy dog eyes’.  She enjoys playing with other dogs, car rides, toys and well, pretty much anything. She is one of those dogs that just enjoys being with her person. She would benefit with some basic training to make her the best dog she can be (as would any dog). She crates well, is housetrained, weighs in at 39 pounds.  She is soft and cuddly and speaking of cuddles can give and receive them all day long. She is being fostered with Greyson another of our dogs and doing very well-even though she is a bit of a prima-donna. She enjoys being the center of attention and needs to learn no matter how cute she is that she must share. She was in the pound for 2 months before we were able to take her. Be prepared for people to stop you on the street if you get this one, she is one of those dogs people just have to pet. She’s a real charmer!!”

If you are interested in meeting Greyson or Zoey, please fill out an application on the All Dog Rescue website. www.alldogrescue.org 

Gloucester Dog Park at Rockport Harvest Festival

A note from Mary Lou Maraganis of the Gloucester Dog Park and All Dog Rescue sharing her photos from Rockport Harvest Fest…

Hi Alicia,
Attached you will find pictures of the Friends of Gloucester Dog Park at our booth at the Rockport Harvest Festival.  Our 2 special guests, my foster dogs, Kobe and Zoey, both pit bull mixes stole the show.  Everyone enjoyed meeting them, learning about them, finding out more about the dog park and just talking ‘dog’.  It was a fun day.

I am sure it won’t take long for those dogs to find their forever home!


Tips to Help Find Your Lost Pet

Mary Lou Maraganis of All Dog Rescue and Co-founder of the Gloucester Dog Park shares some information on the Saber network, and educates us on the Pitbull Breed.

She also shares these tips for helping your find your lost pet. She recommends you keep a copy of this list with your important pet records, incase it ever happens to you, you’ll have the steps to follow:


Pets should always be wearing Collar and Tags

Microchip your pet and update address when you move!!

Get the Word out Immediately. Don’t wait for “Lassie” to come home. Use the
Internet, flyers, posters on cars.

Saber Alert (works much like child Amber Alert)

Call Animal shelters, ACO, Police daily- Don’t give up

Search internet for ‘lost dog site’ ‘how to find my lost dog’ ‘recovery tips for
lost dog’ . There are lots of sites where you can not only list your dog but get
wonderful tips on what to do. Doing something constructive like this can often
times empower you. Tips on where to search, time to search, what to bring with
you, different pet behaviors…

Sites to Ultilize:

Wwww.missingpetpartnership.org Excellent site with innovation ideas and tips.
Think Lost not Stray- simply not enough time for people to find them.


http://www.lostdogsearch.com Based in Southeastern Ma- one person show

Expecting grieving, brokenhearted people who are not trained or equipped to
search for their own missing pet does not make sense. Lost dog searchers are
often under an enormous amount of stress and tend to forget advice, ignore
suggestions and waste precious time. Owners behavior is often grief avoidance,
helplessness and feeling alone-simply don’t know what to do.


All Dog Rescue- Comes to the Rescue!

Mary Lou of All Dog Rescue and Co-founder of the Gloucester Dog Park, speaks with us today to tell an amazing story of Marta who has been missing from her family for over a year. Marta was in All Dog Rescue’s care since March of 2011 and today she was reunited with her family.


Lexus aka Marta waits to be reunited with her family:

And the Reunion everyone was waiting for:


Lexus receiving belly rubs from her Mom, Christine:

You can learn more about helping Mary Lou’s passion by donating or adopting from All Dog Rescue at www.alldogrescue.org. You can also donate to the Gloucester Dog Park at www.gloucesterdogpark.org.