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Meet the Trainer: Mary Grazen-Browne

If you would like to train with Mary Grazen-Browne her contact info is below. For more information about joining the Manchester Athletic Club and training with Mary Grazen-Browne call 978-526-8900.



Mary Grazen-Browne MEd. RHNP      mgrazenbrowne@manchesterathleticclub.com

Area of training expertise: 

Background as a Physical Education and Health Teacher in Gloucester and Manchester Public/Private Schools.  Expertise, Registered Nutritionist, certified Wellness coach, Pre-diabetic/Diabetic Educator  assisting individuals in prevention of age related disease through healthy lifestyle choices.

Why opt for a healthier lifestye? 

Lifestyle is a combination of eating whole balanced foods, exercising and stress reduction.  Understanding and keeping these in balance will prevent disease, increase your energy, help reduce or eliminate medications and more, as well as give you a greater quality of life!

Favorite exercise:

I love to exercise- mostly outdoors in activites that I enjoy- biking, walking, kayaking.  When the outdoors isn’t available I like Zumba, Group Fitness class, yoga.  I practice eating well , avoiding sugar and processed white flour, indulging once in a while- all in moderation.

Favorite easy to cook recipe:

I like to keep it simple, with an occasional all out complicated recipe. 

Here are some of favorite staple ‘go to’ recipes which really don’t need any directions to follow. 

Eggs whites plus one whole egg ,fresh/ frozen organic broccoli and onions,tomato for breakfast

lunch organic black bean soup or homemade chicken sausage/lentil/kale soup,  (sautee in EVOO, cut up mild/or spicy chicken sausage and chopped onion,  add organic low salt chicken broth, cup of lentils, torn up kale pieces  simmer about 30-40 minutes) 

dinner stir fried green veggies(broccoli, asparagus, beans etc), onions,celery, garlic, chicken breast and hoisin sauce-