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Martin Luther King

When working at the graduate school at Wheelock College in Boston during 2000-2003, I was making some travel arrangements for a guest speaker. As I was working on these arrangements, noticed the name was a professor Christine King Farris from … Continue reading

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Watch this with your kids

We can talk about him all we want, but there’s just no substitute for the real thing.  Dr. King is one of the greatest orators of all time.  His brilliantly written speeches are full of musical references, quotes from songs, … Continue reading

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P&V’s LOL #10: Lasting change never comes until you defy authority

It’s obvious, really.  Authority is the machine that defends the status quo.  It’s like inertia – a body stays in motion or at rest until a force acts against it.  Defiance is that force.  When you look at people from … Continue reading

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"How Long? Not long," says Dr. King.

Peter introduces another lyrical speech by Dr. King whose treatment of this familiar song is like nothing else you’ve ever heard. J.B. Amero sits in for Dan King tonight at Jalapenos.  Snow’s gone.  Music’s on.  So get out and have … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Jr ~ gimmesound artist of the week

This afternoon Dave Sags and the Good Old Salty Jazz Band is at the Rose Baker Senior Center till 3pm ~ Take the kids and enjoy some great music and celebrate life. Tonight the Bandit Kings host the open jam … Continue reading

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