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Marshmallow Peeps Fruity Flavored Edible Play Dough!




Did you know Marshmallow Peeps make the best edible play dough ever?  Last week while researching Marshmallow Peeps, I  found a recipe for “Marshmallow Peeps Edible Play Dough”on line.  As a lover of peeps, I decided to try the recipe out and quickly realized after batch #1 that the recipe I was using needed a few adjustments, to improve the texture and taste of the Peeps Play Dough.   After making a few changes, I found myself playing like a child  rolling out fruity flavored Peeps Play dough at my kitchen island, wishing I had some kids along side of me, to play with!  Call and invite the grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and neighborhood children over this weekend, to  whip up a few batches and have some fun together in the kitchen!


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Marshmallow Peeps Fruity Flavored Edible Play Dough


6-8 fresh marshmallow peeps

2/3 cup cornstarch

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

1/4 teaspoon extract flavoring (I used Grape -w/ Purple Peeps, Raspberry – w/ Blue Peeps,  and Strawberry – w/ Pink Peeps)…any flavor can be substituted, and if you’re lucky enough to find a package of flavored Peeps you can omit extract from the recipe!


1  place  peeps in microwave safe bowl; microwave at full power 30 seconds; remove from microwave

2  place oil and  cornstarch in bowl of stand mixer fitted with dough hook attachment; add melted peeps; mix on medium speed 30 seconds until cornstarch becomes incorporated

3   turn loose dough onto clean work surface and knead until dough ball forms; using hand form into Easter Egg shape

3 wrap in clear plastic wrap or airtight plastic bag/container; will keep 2-3 days

* Note~ I found this adorable 7 piece Kid’s Baking Set for $1.97 at Walmart to gift with the Marshmallow Peeps Fruity Flavored Edible Play Dough




* To rejuvenate dough’s elasticity ~ I recommend Adults Only, heat Peeps play dough in microwave safe bowl 15 seconds; remove stir; when cool enough to touch, knead 30 seconds before children roll out dough and cut fun shapes !