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GMG FOB’s Share Marshmallow Peeps Photos!



andy peeps idea

Happy Palm Sunday everyone!

This week GMG Cooks are having some in the kitchen creating all kinds of delicious sweet treats using Marshmallow Peeps…There is still plenty of time to send us your photo ideas and join the GMG Cooks Club!

This weeks “GMG COOKS” are Brenda Grace Laino, and Joanna Numerosi and her handsome sons Salvatore and Liaebenedetto Numerosi  !

Brenda Grace Laino Writes~This is our DELISH Bunny Peeps Carrot Patch “Dirt Dessert”

brenda Grace Laino peeps photo

Sista Felicia ~ Love this dessert using Oreo Cookies, cake, whipped cream and pudding…always a crowd pleaser!

Joanna Numerosi Writes ~ This is what Salvatore and Liaebenedetto Numerosi  did with our peeps!!

joanne numerioui peeps photojn3


Sista Felicia ~ Nice job boys! It’s great to see the kids having fun creating in the kitchen!

Yes this week I will continue to post your Marshmallow Peeps photos so keep sending them in!





GMG FOB Shares Marshmallow Peeps Easter Centerpiece



AnnMarie Cody Oliveria Writes~Life was so much simpler before Pinterest….

AnnMarie Cody Oliveria peep photo

Bunny Topiary


Styrofoam Foam: 9” x 5” cone

Marshmallows PEEPS: 20 – 22 blue; 18 purple; 10 green; and 3 yellow

Low temp glue gun or toothpicks


1 using glue gun, secure Styrofoam cone to pedestal dish, candleholder, or decorative plate

2 fasten Peeps, bunnies around cone in rows, starting at the bottom, using toothpicks or cool temperature glue gun

Sista Felicia~ Love this Easter centerpiece!  Thank you for sharing your photo with the GMG community.