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Business and Twitter (and Facebook)


There are a couple of business owners that God Bless them are embracing Facebook and Twitter to promote their companies.

This is a good thing.

What many don’t realize though is that if your Twitter feed or Facebook page is nothing but a bunch of ads and you retweet and repost them every hour that you are doing damage to your brand. 

Once people realize that all you do is feed them ads for your product or service all day they will either unfollow you or breeze right over your tweets without ever clicking through because they know ultimately they’re really not going to get a payback in the form of something interesting but what they will be getting is yet another one of your advertisements about you.  Yes I understand that YOU are the most important person in YOUR life but to the reader on twitter or Facebook try to engage the reader with something that will be a payoff for THEM.

Retweet other interesting things that are happening in your area, things that speak to you or you agree with and let your personality shine through your Twitter or Facebook presence.  People don’t want to get hammered over the head with ads all day long.  Be judicious with your self promoting.  I’m not saying it’s not important.  What I’m saying is to be more effective, maybe make every 5th tweet about your goods or services instead of 100%.

I guarantee you will be more successful in your marketing efforts.  Be natural, be you and let it shine on through.  Don’t be afraid to promote others you find interesting and they will be more likely to help you in your efforts to show the world how truly awesome YOU are.

Thank you.


A couple examples of people who are really interesting tweeters and marketers are my friends @JMcElhenny an @DscvrGlstr  If you look at their twitter feed it’s not just straight up advertisements marketing themselves.  They tweet and retweet intersting things around them and their personality shines through.

If you’re wondering if it’s you I’m talking about, step back, pull up your twitter feed and ask yourself if you are just hammering the shit out of people with advertisement about yourself after advertisement about yourself.