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Market Restaurant On Lobster Cove Gulf Coast Benefit Dinner

Market Restaurant On Lobster Cove writes-

This coming Thursday, June 10th 2010: Join us for a special 3-course fixed menu featuring the seafood of the Gulf Coast.  Proceeds will be sent to aid the fishermen and their families — refugees of environmental disaster.

33 River Rd

Gloucester, MA 01930

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The Market Restaurant On Lobster Cove

Lobster Cove- It Doesn’t Suck


If you haven’t heard from every food blogger known to man on the North Shore there is a huge buzz about The Market Restaurant On Lobster Cove.

Due to things ramping up down the dock and a huge swell of coverage by far better writers than me I figured I leave the foodie coverage to the real food writers and get over there as soon as I could with video camera in hand to do what I like to do best- In person video interviews with pictures  of people telling me what it’s all about in their own words.

Until I can get there, check out all the raving reviews this place has got from my blogging buddies in it’s short time open-

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Deliciousness from the market restaurant on lobster cove

Dinner at Market Restaurant, Gloucester

This Little Piggie Went to The Market Restaurant on Lobster Cove

They Also Tweet-image

The Folks that are running the joint worked at a famous place in California named famous Chez Panisse. The local twitter foodies have been wetting themselves over the prospect of a couple of chefs from famous Chez Panisse coming home to cook for us so there must be something worth checking out.  I’m looking forward to meeting them and giving y’all the inside skinny.