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Big week in Gloucester for Brian Alex

Brian Alex on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes

You know that Gloucester’s music scene is going places when we can attract a star like Entrain’s Brian Alex three times in the same week!

Tonight (WED) he’ll be the featured guest on the Cape Ann TV show “Local Music Seen with Allen Estes” airing at 6:30pm.  And if you miss it, you can watch the whole show on-line here.

Tomorrow, you can see him live at The Rhumb Line 8:30pm with Dave Sag, John Keegan, John Hyde, Mark Earley and Ephraim Lowell.

Then on Saturday, he’ll be fronting the ENTRAIN benefit for Gloucester’s UU Church Meetinghouse at 8pm (save $7.25 if you get tickets here).  It’s a good week to get a taste of Brian’s extraordinary and versatile talent!

Tonight! Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line ~ Special Guests: Orville Giddings, Mark Earley and Steve Chaggaris. New hours are 8:30-11:30



dave sag rl 4.3.2014

Let’s welcome back the Ipswich Twins! That’s Mr. Orville Giddings and his neighbor and lawn-mowing customer, Mr. Marque Earley. Mr. G. ,superior gootarist and Pepsodent® spokesperson, is ready to charm you  with his raucous blues and plaintive self-inflicted toons. A great songwriter! And Marque, of course, is the finest living local saxophonist who ever lived, locally. Whooping it up on drums will be out favorite kooky cackler, Mr. Steevee Chaggaris. I’ll be on base, once again. Spring has sprung, so get out there and do the do!


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It’s summer!! This is a recording. Please leave a message after the beep. Tell your friends and enemies…..
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OK, Once in a while you just have to cross the bridge

Our friends The Bandit Kings are embroiled in a BATTLE RADiCAL  at the Grog in Newburyport tonight and they need your help.  Why?  Cause they want to WIN!  So muster your courage, cross the bridge and show you’re support.  More info here.

Just in case you don’t own a car or simply can’t leave the island, there really is plenty of music in town.  You might want to catch the finale of Brad Byrd‘s month-long residency at Giuseppe’s.  You can tell him how much you like his new video.  Haven’t seen it?  Click here (lots of behind the scenes footage at that link too).

And for you jazz fans, there’s Mark Early with Henry Allen at the Elks.

See the full music lineup here.

North Shore Jazz Project One Year Anniversary Party At Chianti

Caroline Forrester writes-

Good evening! I wanted to share with you a musical video from the North Shore Jazz Project as we celebrated our 1st anniversary at Chianti’s in Beverly.

Last Sunday, we had an anniversary show featuring Gid Loring, Dave Sag, Mark Earley (Roomful of Blues), Dave Mattacks, Frank Hadley, John Hicks. We had some incredible musicians sit in: including our youngest player Brian King, a 16 year old trumpet player who is a junior at Masconomet. He knocked everyone’s socks off.

Please take a moment to watch the above video that Henry Ferrini produced. It is only 7 minutes long- — and if you need to skip ahead- go to 5.23 to see Brian King. Gid Loring is 83 and so great to watch– to see him exchange notes with 16 yr old Brian- this IS what the North Shore Jazz Project is all about.

We are at www.northshorejazzproject.org with many events coming up. We have an educational clinic- free- at Chiantis in December. Danny Harrington- saxophonist extraordinaire, Berklee Professor and board member will be running that program.

We are so appreciative of any attention you can bring us as our mission is to bring musical education to the forefront and give musicians an environment where performance can flourish. In one year- we have had over 10 concerts- including Joe Lovano. I hope you can come and see for yourself how dedicated we are to keeping this American tradition alive.

Hoping all is well with you and wishing you a happy and thankful thanksgiving!

10 Year old Jazz at Captain Carlo’s

10 year old Vivian debuts her Blues in the Night trumpet at her 82 year old grandmother’s gig in Gloucester MA, changing My Momma Done Told Me to My Grandmother Told Me.

Thanks to Mark Earley for the video. You can check out the Nancy Hildegarde Jazz Extravaganza Every Monday Night at Captain Carlos!