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U, V, W, X, Y and Z Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween 2013

Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween 2013

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Shaped like a flying saucer, the UFO Pleco looks like something straight out of a fifties sci-fi movie! These Chinese fish, part of the loach group, are found in fast-flowing streams rather than outer space.


The scary yet harmless vampire squid’s scientific name literally means vampire squid of Hell! Survivors from the Jurassic period, these mollusks have characteristics of both squid and octopus and shoot glowing mucus when alarmed.


The witch flounder is one of many flatfish found in local waters. We love teaching our Ocean Explorers about these amazing animals!


You can easily see the skeleton of the X-ray tetra! These fish are found in the Amazon River and live in large schools.


Named after the legendary monster, the Yeti crab was first discovered in 2005. These blind crustaceans live at depths of over 7,000 feet!


Zombie worms bore into whale bones using acid! These strange sea creatures remove nutrients from the bones in order to feed.





R, S, T, Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween 2013

Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween 2013

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These sea ravens were photographed in our Aquarium! Local lobstermen often find these bottom-dwelling fish in their traps.


Skeleton shrimp are small relatives of crabs and lobsters. Commonly found along our docks, this creepy crustaceans was photographed in our digital microscope lab.


The highly aggressive terror cichlid lives up to its name, as it will eat any fish that fits in its mouth and will even attack its own kind! This Halloween-colored fish is found in South American rivers.



N, O, P, Q, Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween 2013

 N, O, P, Q, Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween 2013

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The monstrous New England sea serpent, also known as the Gloucester sea serpent, was allegedly seen in Gloucester Harbor in 1817. Kids painted a 20-foot long wooden sea serpent during our Marine Halloween party!


The ornate ghost pipefish is related to seahorses. These tropical fish use their long snouts to feed on tiny crustaceans, such as shrimp.


Pumpkinseeds are a type of freshwater sunfish found throughout North America. These fish are named for the seed-shaped spot on their gill covers.


Gecarcinus quadratus is commonly known as the Halloween crab. Found from Mexico to Peru, these nocturnal crabs live on land but must return to the ocean to breed.


K, L, M, Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween 2013

K, L, M,  Martime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween 2013

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The legendary kraken was said to live off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. Many believe the myth was based on sightings of actual giant squid, which are known to reach about 40 feet in length!


Much like Jack O’ Lanterns, lanternfish are known for lighting up the dark! These deep sea fishes have numerous light-producing organs called photophores.


The masked pufferfish lives in coral reefs of the Red Sea, and it looks like it’s always in costume! What do you, or your children, have planned for your Halloween costumes this year?


H, I, J, Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween

H, I, J, Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween

Maritime Gloucester Facebook Page

The Halloween hermit crab is a Hawaiian crustacean that feeds on algae. Could there be a more perfect Halloween sea creature?


The Indian ghost is a catfish found in the rivers of Southeast Asia. This fish lack scales, and its transparency makes its skeleton perfectly visible!


The Japanese spider crab is the largest living member of the arthropod group, which includes crustaceans, insects, and spiders. These giant crabs can be 12 feet from claw to claw!


B,C,D Maritime Gloucester’s 13 Days Of Halloween

Marine Halloween at Maritime Gloucester

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The red-lipped batfish lives around the Galapagos Islands. A poor swimmer, it “walks” on the seafloor using specially-evolved fins!


The calico lobster in our Aquarium is the same species as Gloucester’s other lobsters, but she has a rare color mutation. Black with orange spots, her color is perfect for Halloween!


The devil fish is a giant ray found in the Mediterranean Sea. Named for their hornlike fins, these harmless fish can reach lengths of 17 feet!


Maritime Gloucester is Stepping it up on Social Media


Maritime Gloucester is Stepping it up on Social Media

Maritime Gloucester is celebrating Halloween on their Facebook page all month long. There’s a lot of scary looking fish in the Ocean that I’ve never heard of. You got to check  out the Great photos and information. Maritime Gloucester is really starting to emerge as a true Gloucester Treasure. Go to Facebook and like their page so you can be updated with all the great stuff going on down there on their Docks.


franken fish

Marine Halloween at Maritime Gloucester

Register here: https://maritimegloucester.org/orders/register2.php?id=47
Discover the spooky side of Gloucester’s marine life! During this family-friendly educational program, we’ll be offering monstrous art projects and a chance to meet some live local sea creatures. Learn about scary deep sea creatures and the giant marine life of the distant past as we create a Sea Monster Chalk Mural. Paint a 20-foot long wooden sea serpent and discover the legend of the Gloucester Sea Serpent, said to have visited Gloucester Harbor in 1817. During our Creature Feature, children will get a chance to touch or hold exciting sea life, such as spider crabs, sea stars, and lobsters, as they learn amazing facts about these animals. The event will be hosted in our newly renovated Marine Science Classroom, which now features a giant squid mural and a vast collection of shells and skeletons of the sea!


1st Annual Gloucester Schooner Fest Lobster Bake A Smashing Success- Don’t Forget Today Is Race Day!

Well the original idea hatched last year came to fruition under stewardship of Brett Ramsey, Mike Costello, Daisy Nell and the Rest of The Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee. DSC00383

We had to reload them three times with lobster as the line for lobsters at times stretched all the way from Maritime Gloucester to The Building Center.

I knew it could be big but never imagined in the first year out of the box just how big.

Next year Brett promises more cookers, more serving stations and even more fun (if that’s even possible).

Best part of it all and the reason for the idea in the first place was what made me most happy- It got the public down to Maritime Gloucester to check out one of Gloucester’s premier events- The Gloucester Schooner Festival!

Big time thanks to my Schooner Fest promoting partners in crime Al Bezanson and Tracy Arabian.

#Killed it!



More Schooner Fest Info here-

For More Info www.gloucesterschoonerfestival.net and to get tix www.maritimegloucester.org/visit/events.php

Sunday, September 1, 2013

8:30 am
Skippers Meeting
This meeting is required for all Schooners sailing in the Mayor’s Race.  Meet at Solomon Jacobs Park, immediately adjacent to the U.S. Coast Guard Station on Harbor Loop.

10:30 am to 12:00 pm
Parade of Sail as Schooners proceed from Inner Harbor, past the Fishermen’s Memorial on Stacy Boulevard, to the race starting area off Eastern Point.

10:30 am
Parade of Sail Party at Beauport/Sleeper McCann HouseEVENT IS SOLD OUT

11:00 am to 1:30 pm
Shuttle Bus to Eastern Point Light, from Eastern Point Gate (Eastern Point Boulevard at Farrington Avenue) to watch the start of the Mayor’s Race. Free of CATACharge, courtesy of Cape Ann Transportation Authority.

12:00 noon to 4:00 pm
U.S. Coast Guard Station Open House
Stop by the Station on Harbor Loop to learn all about the Coast Guard and its important role in Gloucester.

1:00 pmRace Info
Start of Mayor’s Race for the Esperanto Cup, Ned Cameron Trophy and Betty Ramsey Trophy off Eastern Point. Click here for information on reserving your space on one of the schooners during the Mayor’s Race.

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Reception and Awards Ceremony for contestants and invited guests.

Fred Bodin adds-

Lobster Delivery Completed!

Lobster Bake at Maritime Gloucester. At $12 for a lobster dinner, we cooked and served over 800 lobsters, all from Captain Joe and Sons. I collected a scary amount of money for them. You gotta’ give back to the community.

Len Burgess submits-

Lobster Bake a giant success!!!


Sharon St Claire submits-

What a fantastic Schooner Festival so far!  We are up from Florida and saw so many GMG folks at the Lobster Bake!  Not only did we see you, but Sista Felicia was serving lobsta plates, Fred Bodin was selling tickets, and photographer Len Burgess was sailing on the Roseway.  Here is a photo of the photographer enjoying the sail (center).  The Festival continues tomorrow!
Cheers, Sharon St Clair


Jane Gibbs catches Ed Eating (What a surprise)


5th Annual Harbor Race Sunday September 15

The Gloucester Gig Rowers and Maritime Gloucester are planning their 5th Annual Harbor Race for Sunday September 15. The 3+ mile triangular course is open to Pilot Gigs, Whaleboats, Dories and other traditional rowing craft. The course will start and finish at Niles Beach.  Registration opens  at 8AM,  at Niles Beach,. At 9:00 there is a Captain/Cox meeting and heats will start at 9:30am. Pre registration is strongly encouraged, contact Debe Holland at debe.holland@comcast.net or 781 608-9006. The cost is $30 per person, $25 with advance registration received by August 30th.


On The Rails at Maritime Gloucester

On The Rails at Maritime Gloucester

Bill O’Connor Submits-

Hi Joey,

On our last visit to Maritime Gloucester, there was lots of activity going on. The Building Center had a crew installing a new specimen on cabinet in the lab building (made of recycled pieces fromtheir old kitchen display), and Jay McLauchlin was rounding the edges of the new handrails on the wharf with a router.  The whole place is going to look awesome for the Schooner Festival this year!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Sail/Fish Project At Maritime Gloucester


For this week’s Catch of the Day program, you can participate in the Sail/Fish Project! Visit Maritime Gloucester this Wednesday and Friday, 1:30-2:30, and print fish and seaweed onto decorative sails! During these special drop-in hours, the Sail/Fish Project is included for free with your admission or membership. To register for the full day, click here: https://maritimegloucester.org/orders/register2.php?id=45

Fintastic fun during Shark Week at Maritime Gloucester

Visitors of all ages are invited to participate in our Shark Week Chalkquarium! Drop by for this free event on Sunday, August 4, 10:30-3:30. Draw a “Great White Chalk” and other life-sized sharks and rays on the pavement around Maritime Gloucester! All of our regularly-scheduled drop-in programs will also be shark-themed until August 10.

We were up late last night turning our Museum Shop into shark central! Our Shark Week Sale starts this Sunday. We’ll be offering 20% off all shark and ray merchandise, August 4 – August 10.


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