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A Day in the Life of the Harbor This Thursday, February 28th Sponsored by Maritime Gloucester

Tell us what you see on the harbor! Imagine a “Day in the Life of” photo series or the Audobon bird watch. The purpose is to capture a real-time snapshot of what is happening on or about Gloucester Harbor on a single day. It’s a slow time of year I know, but you have to start somewhere.


Send us (writing, photographs, landing data) your data and observations to info@maritimegloucester.org . The more quantitative the observation the better. For example, what fishing and lobstering boats did you see? Who was out in a sail boat or dory? How many eiders did you see? Any seals? What was the water temperature? How many lobsters were landed or fish came through the auction houses? The purpose is to get as many people involved as possible in connecting to the harbor and initiating a regular inventory of harbor activity. This Thursday will be the trial run. We hope to expand for a year of monthly tracking. Thanks in advance for your participation.


Thomas Balf

Maritime Gloucester