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Cousins (and one Auntie.) I love this family! These beautiful Fiesta Ladies, every one, always has a kind word. A tremendous part of the joy of Fiesta is the wonderful time spent with family and friends. Buona Festa!Josephine Taormina, Grace Latraverse holding her daughter Leila, Kathy Numerosi, Marissa Numerosi, Enza Taormina, Fay Puopolo, Fay D’Angelo holding Marina Latraverse, and Aunt Mary Costanzo.

Vines and Snapshots Good Morning Gloucester Cape Ann Giclee Photo Show!

Thank you to all our GMG friends and family who came to the opening last night! Thank you Anna, James, and Joey for organizing a super fun event! With a special thanks of appreciation to Kathy Numerosi and Leslie Heffron.

Marissa Numerosi ©Kim Smith 2015Marissa Numerosi taking a photo of the photo of she and her friends at Fiesta.

Numerosi Family ©Kim Smith 2015jpg copyFrank, Marissa, and Kathy Numerosi

Video- Fiesta Traditions: Lia Militello, Kathy and Marissa Numerosi-Generations Build Fiesta Floats Part I&2

Sista Felicia recognizing another beautiful family today, Lia Militello and her daughter and granddaughter Kathy and Marissa Numerosi for their dedication to the Saint Peter’s Fiesta and building floats for The Sunday Parade.