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The Clock Is Officially Ticking…The Countdown to The Famous “Mariposa Warehouse Sale” Has Officially Begun!





Dear Sista Felicia,

The Warehouse Sale is this Saturday, November 15th. It begins at 8 a.m., but as you know, the line forms much earlier. Due to safety concerns from prior sales we are providing bags this year.  One bag per person will be handed out at the door. No outside bags will be brought into the sale. The bags are a good size, dimensions are as follows:

Depth: 13

Height: 11

Max. load: 55 lb

Volume: 20 gallon

I saw your live blog and pictures from last year. Looked like your group was having fun! We would be happy to have you cover the event for GMG and take some photos of the people waiting in line, prior to the sale



Laura Mackin Marketing Manager MARIPOSA

Cucudiata fig cookies (16)

 I believe everything taste better when served on Mariposa!



The Famous Mariposa Warehouse Sale started on School Street in the church hall of Scared Heart Parish in Manchester By The Sea Massachusetts. Over the years as the popularity of “Mariposa” grew, so did its sale. What originated in a small church hall once per year, moved to Gloucester, for a biannual warehouse sale at the Elks Club. After quickly outgrowing the Elks Club, the Mariposa sale was moved to a Mariposa Warehouse located on Pond Road in Gloucester, and shortly after to it ‘s most recent and current sale location at the Mariposa Warehouse in Gloucester’s Blackburn Industrial Park.

I vividly remember attended my first sales in the church hall with my mother, and Aunt Karen. After thinking about my found memories of waiting in line for hours, in all kinds of weather, chatting it up with women about past sales and the newest collectable pieces we all hopped to be lucky enough to get out hands on to purchase year after year, I realized that the sale its self has truly become a celebrated tradition for women on Cape Ann.  

For years, this Mariposa Warehouse Event has brought droves of women together from near and far, to do what they commonly love to do; Shop, Socialize, and Score awesome bargains. By the time warehouse sales had moved from the Elks Club to the warehouse locations, several of my girlfriend’s had caught the Mariposa Fever and were regularly attending the sales with me each year. The Sale quickly became a special BFF thing we call our “Female Super Bowl!”  

Just as our husbands plan their Super Bowl Parties, we “women” begin planning our “Female Super Bowl” gatherings complete with an overnight Tailgating Pre-Sale Celebration, as soon as the sale date is announced by the company!

 My girlfriends and I have spent many nights standing out in the cold waiting in line huddled together, wrapped in blankets sitting on beach chairs, surrounded by laundry baskets and duffel bags sipping warm beverages and an occasional glass of wine or two, having lengthily conversations about strategizing to get your hands on that one most desirable Mariposa piece needed to complete your collection!

The Mariposa Company definitely holds the record for the fastest sales of inventory in America. Within minutes, (….and I mean minutes), of the warehouse doors opening, the prized Mariposa inventory is wiped out and spoken for by diehard Mariposa shoppers/Fans !  See you at the sale tomorrow!


Photos above from Cape Ann Magazine 2012 & 2013

Clink below to see their beautiful collection’s.


GloucesterCast With Guests Nichole Schrafft, Sista Felicia and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 3/30/14


GloucesterCast With Guests Nichole Schrafft, Sista Felicia and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 3/30/14

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