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Carpenter Bee Butt

carpenter bee butt

They are big, industrious and often confused for bumblebees, but you don’t have to fear their butts.  Male carpenter bees can be very aggressive but are harmless since they have no stinger, and females have stingers but are docile so seldom sting unless caught in the hand or harassed.  They do not eat wood but do excavate tunnels to nest and lay eggs in.  This carpenter bee is checking out the hull of this boat at the Marine Railways as a  possible nesting site.

E.J. Lefavour


Harry Cusick Wharf Dedication at Marine Railways

harry cusick wharf dedication

Some photos from this afternoon’s dedication of the new Harry Cusick Wharf at Gloucester Marine Railways – the completion of a 9 year project involving cutting through a myriad of government agency red tape and paperwork by Alice (I’m so sorry Alice, I forgot your last name).  Even a harbor seal and the Ardelle came by to check it out and holler congratulations (Harold, not the seal).  Viking gave a great speech thanking all involved in the process.  It is a really beautiful wharf, and if you haven’t been to the Railways lately, you should go by and check it out.

E.J. Lefavour

Doodads and Gadgets

doodads and gadgets

There was a boat at the Railways yesterday sporting all these strange looking doodads and gadgets.  Does anyone have any idea what kind of boat it might be and what all those doodads and gadgets are for?  I assume they are navigational things, but I don’t recall seeing anything looking quite like this before.

E.J. Lefavour

Adventure Hauled At The East Gloucester Marine Railways

Mary Barker Writes-

Hi Joey,

The Adventure got hauled out on the Marine Railway on Monday, 1.14.13, so
some planks could be replaced.  I was invited aboard, as the Adventure’s
photographer, to get a unique perspective on the process.  This is my very
naïve, non-technical explanation of the process. The guys on the docks and
on the Adventure first had to move the Adventure from her berth over to the
railway.  This was done mainly by manpower using brute strength, ropes and
tide assist.  Donny King did add a bit of motor support with the Scotia Girl
in the beginning.  Once the Adventure got around the end of the pier and
was moved into place along the Railway cradle (with direction by the Railway
coordinator), the guys cranked up the cradle supports to secure the
Adventure.  The scuba diver then went down to check that everything was set
up properly with the supports.  Once he gave the okay, the Railway
coordinator signaled the engine house to start up the engines which drive
the chain winch, which took the Adventure on a forward and upward
trajectory.  Although I’ve seen this done before from just outside the
engine house, it was so powerful seeing it all up close (literally hanging
over the edge of the vessel at times).  I never cease to be inspired by and
in awe of these guys and what they do.  These folks have always taken the
time to welcome me and to educate me.  My hats are off to everyone at the
Marine Railway and the Adventure.  Here are a few photos.
Mary Barker

Gloucester At Dawn- 4:54AM 4/30/12 Salvation Star, Providenza and Francesca & Carlo- Railway To Railway

This shot was taken alongside the Railway at The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center looking out across the harbor to the East Gloucester Marine Railway.

The amount of light in this shot is deceiving because the shutter was left open for a good long time to try to collect as much light as possible to burn in the colors. Obviously this type of shot with such little available light is not possible without the aid of a tripod.

Click the photo to see it larger and the details on the Adventure and boats tied up at The East Gloucester Marine Railway all the way across the harbor.  I like this shot a lot especially considering the very little light available to use.


Below is what it looked like to the human eye without the long exposure-




The Wanderbird arrives in Gloucester


Places In Gloucester You’ve Probably Never Been-The Gear Room At The Gloucester Marine Railway

As part of my ongoing search to bring you places in Gloucester that you probably never had access to I present you the gear room in which the motor that pulls up to 200 tons of boat out of the water at the Marine Railways at The Gloucester Maritime heritage Center resides.

Look for the video tomorrow morning


Steam Ship Refit?

I don’t know much about Ships, but I can tell a refitting when I see it.

The Isles of Shoals Steam Ship Co. looks to be going Green.

They’re adding masts and a Bowsprite to The Thomas Laihgton

Here are few Photos to prove it.

I think the Thomas Laihgton is scheduled to be in this years Schooner Festival!

The Refit I

She's going to be a beauty under sail


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