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Tourist from Arizona

This couple traveled here in a Travel Trailer to visit Gloucester one of their favorite places.  They are also avid fans of Wicked Tuna, especially “Hard Merchandize” .  They are originally from the New England area, she is a true “Header” from Marblehead, family dates back to the 1600’s.


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Stephanie and Tom From First Harbor Company Marblehead, MA Are Looking To Pay For Used Rope


I have a small business in Marblehead doing decorative rope work. We need to collect used, 3 strand, rope to make our products. We’re looking for a little help from the Gloucester fisherman. If there is anyone who could help we’d be very grateful. We pay $20.00 a barrel of useable old rope. Please contact us at FirstHarborCompany@gmail.com or by phone 781-576-9762 and speak to Stephanie.

Hard Bottom Makes Last Stop In Gloucester

George hardy sold out.  Traps, buoys, permit and all to a nice fellow from Marblehead.

Weird seeing Marblehead across her stern but life goes on and at least she will continue lobstering.

This shot was taken just minutes before her final moments in the port of Gloucester after dozens of years in our fair port.


Here is a a story we documented about George Hardy and the Hard Bottom a couple of years ago in these pages which unfolded over the course of a week.-
July 23, 2008

Broken Davit On The Hard Bottom

So George Hardy set out to go lobstering yesterday afternoon and within hauling of the first couple of trawls he busted his davit.

A davit is the boom that hangs out over the boat with a pulley that the line goes through to pull the traps up onto the boat. It hangs out away from the boat so the traps dont gouge the boat on their way up over the rail.

The reason his davit broke was because when he went to haul his traps up from the ocean floor there were four other lobstermen’s trawls set over his. so when he went to lift his trawl up, the entanglement of four other lobstermen’s gear was being lifted at the same time. Apparently it was too much strain for his old wooden davit and it snapped.

This time of year the lobsters are in close to shore so all of the lobster gear is concentrated in a much smaller geographic area. It creates much tension among lobstermen fighting for prime lobster bottom.

The result for George was a davit that snapped in half. Not good.

George Hardy’s Second Broken Davit In Three Days

Posted on July 27, 2008 by Joey C

Here’s half of the broken davit on George Hardy’s boat The Hard Bottom.

George’s davit snapped from the strain of trying to get his lobster gear up from the bottom of the ocean floor while being entangled with the traps of four other fishermen. This is the second davit that has snapped in three days.

When the first one snapped he went and replaced it with a piece of pine (shown below). So he saved himself a few bucks by using the cheap scrap pine, but cost himself two days fishing due to the mechanical failure of the soft knotty pine used as a davit.

Adding to George’s frustrations on this particular day was the fact that his backman overslept so he had to go fishing alone.

 Here’s a picture from two days ago of broken Davit #1

George Hardy Dismantling Broken Davit #2

Posted on July 27, 2008 by Joey C

Hear George’s choice words as he disassembles the second broken davit aboard his boat in three days in the upcoming video at 9:00AM.

I’m hoping the next one he replaces the broken with is made out of something stronger than untreated pine.

George Hardy And Davit #3 Video

Posted on July 28, 2008 by Joey C
Posted on July 28, 2008 by Joey C

Hey George, you have no idea how happy I am that you decided to make the new davit out of steel instead of knotty pine. It was painful watching the frustration as you disassembled that second one. Video coming soon! Looks like the third time is a charm.

If anyone has been following the George Hardy Broken Davit debacle, there is hope. Watch the video.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about click this text for the background

Little Harbor Boathouse In Marblehead Offers Sculling Opportunities

LHB logo

Dear Little Harbor Boathouse Rowers:
Make the most of the return of this summer’s beautiful weather and COME ROW!  
Please join us for the below schedule of rowing opportunities!
Echo Rowing Enthusiast
Little Harbor Boathouse Owner

Coached Rows through Sept 1st


Coached Row with Jim Keating

Coached Row with Jim Keating

Mondays:  5:30 -7:30 pm
Wednesday: 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Coach Eileen Dunn:  Aug 30 & Sep 1
Come row with a coach on the water providing tips on improving your sculling technique!
No advanced registration required. Level 1 Completion or equivalent required. 
We’ll be launching by 5:45 p.m. Please be prompt.
All equipment included.

Weekly  Open Practice  ROWS    

Row to be happier, healthier, fitter!

Rowing on Little Harbor

NEW: Saturday, Aug. 28 & Sep 4
7:30 – 9:30 am
Mon. Sep 30
Wed. Sep 1
Labor Day Mon. Sep 6
7 – 9 AM
Row with other members;
non-members may rent Echo Rowing Shells ($28/row)
Anne Malloy, Little Harbor Boathouse Keeper,
on-site to assist you on and off the water!
No Open Row on Wed. 9/8

With 2 months remaining in the season, there’s plenty of great rowing days to enjoy on Salem Sound!  Make the most of the season and enjoy all the body, mind & spirit benefits of rowing:  the most fun and complete aerobic and resistance training work-out and high-calorie burn I know!
Fall Membership $200:
Open Rows included.   Add Coached Rows ($28/session) and Private Coaching as you like.
$100 refundable deposit required for restricted key access to LHB 7 days a week!
Row when it works for you.  Coach sign-off on Level 1 completion or equivalent required.
To join contact:  Maryellen Auger
em:  Maryellen
ph: w: 781-990-3552 | c:  781-504-8420
Little Harbor Boathouse on Gas House Beach

Little Harbor Boathouse

Announcing the

2010 First Annual Fleet Sale


Echo Rowing and Rowing For All are selling our loaner fleet of 3 Echo Open Water Rowing Shells! The sale begins on Sept 5 and runs through the end of October.  Beginning Sept. 5th, you may place a 10% deposit to reserve your boat. Final payment must be made by check only when picking up the boat. Boats will not be available for pickup until the release date of October 30.  In order to guarantee yourself a boat, place a deposit as soon as the boat sale begins. 

Red Echo Open Water Rowing Shell:   List Price:  $3950.  Sale Price:  $2950
Yellow Echo Rowing Shell:  List Price: $3950.  Sale Price:  $2950
Orange Echo Rowing Shell:  List Price: $3950. Sale Price:  $3160.
PLUS: All sales are eligible for FREE WINTER STORAGE at Little Harbor Boathouse! $150 savings!

Rowing For All Program In Marblehead

In case you haven’t seen Joey and Kyle around the dories this week its because they are trying their hand at sculling in Marblehead.These pictures were taken by Kyles mom Michele.Its a program called Rowing For All.For info you can contact Maryellen Auger at maryellen@rowingforall.com. These guys are having a blast but they say its not a easy as it looks. If I get more pics I’ll send them along.