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Live Blogging: Around Cape Ann 25k Road Race

What did you do after 3 days of partying?

Head of the pack above (just past Willow Rest, heading north).

That’s my cousin (above) Kristin Palasota Collins, all the way from Texas!! Sent from my iPhone


The guy above was in the lead at 10:40 am near Good Harbor Beach.


This cat is the Juggling Jogger, yep all the way baby.

Cape Pond Ice in NYC and the Marathon

Bob Cornell writes-

Hello Joey,

Thought you might get a kick out of this.

My daughter Stephanie Cornell ran the NYC Marathon yesterday—her first.  I had my iPad fired up and open to the ING NYC Marathon website so I could track her progress on the map.  At the same time I was following along on my iPhone in Google Maps StreetView so I could see something of what she was seeing as she ran, although in photos taken some time ago.  From mile 15 to 16 the runners cross the Queensboro Bridge then turn north on 1st Avenue .  As she crossed East 86th Street I was surprised to see a StreetView photo of a Cape Pond Ice Truck at 86th and 1st.   I took this reminder of home sweet home as a good omen. 

Although she didn’t quite meet her goal of doing the Marathon in less than five hours—mostly due to having to run through the pain of a couple of previous injuries—she was delighted to have finished in 5:41:48 and got many cheers and kudos from friends and family.  She said that at one point she entertained the idea of taking the subway to the finish.  I’d have taken the subway from the other side of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge at mile two.  Bravo Stephanie!

Bob Cornell

Cape Pond Ice at 86th StSmiling Steph with medal

Katherine Faherty Fundraiser At Jalapeños on April 11

I was wondering if you would be willing to post my fundraising event on Good Morning Gloucester.  I am currently training to run the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon through Team in Training.  Team in Training the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s largest fundraising effort.  I have pledged to raise $3000 for them while I train for the marathon on June 5, 2011.

I decided to get involved with Team in Training because I work for a national cancer research group and have met many people who have dedicated their lives to finding cures for cancer.  This program is a great opportunity for me to do more for cancer research.  Through my work, I have met two Lymphoma survivors who both participated in Team in Training.  One has run 14 marathons and the other completed a century ride.  I also have two teammates who I am training with who are both celebrating 10 years of remission.  These are the people who are motivating me to train and raise money for LLS. 

My fundraising event is at Jalapeños on April 11.  They will be donating 10% of the night’s profits (dinner and drinks) to LLS.  I will also have great door prizes and a Red Sox Ticket Raffle.

Thank you,  Katherine Faherty

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