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Manny happened to be casually strolling through town yesterday and by golly wouldn’t you know that everyone is so excited about the upcoming Captains Courageous Festival organized by seARTS on March 6th from 9:00AM-9:30PM that he started snapping photos of people reading the classic in anticipation.

Check out the incredible effort Manny put into this video capturing many of Gloucester’s characters-

From Manny-

Here’s the video of over fifty people reading Captains Courageous, at different establishments in Gloucester .  With the storm yesterday, I think most people may have curled up next to a warm fire and did some reading.   Gloucester Coffee Shops, like the Lone Gull and Pleasant Street Tea house, had everyone reading

You can get your copy at The Dogtown Bookstore, Sawyer Free Library, The Bookstore of Gloucester or Toad Hall Bookstore in Rockport.

Train Ride Video From Manuel Simoes


 As we all know we Gloucesterites are known for not venturing off the island too often, and feel that Gloucester provides all that they need.  I recall as a kid, the term “going up the line” meaning we would take 128 South and go over the bridge.  And that was an adventure.  Beverly was usually was my destination, since my wife lived there during our dating years.

 I decided during a trip into Boston to video the trip for my grandkids (6,4,3,and2) who love trains.  It was not a “Thomas The Train” adventure, but provided a relaxing ride watching the sun come up. 

 So for Gloucesterites that want to venture off the island, this is a much better way to go then going up the line, and dealing with the 128 traffic.   This is my Inbound Trip.

Ryan and Wood Release Premium Folly Cove Rum Video

Manuel Simoes Captures my interview with Bobby Ryan at The Ryan and Wood Distillery in Historic Gloucester Massachusetts.

Oh and BTW- that is not a fart about 3/4 of the way through the video. It’s the Bean giving me a zerbert on my neck while I’m conducting this very professional interview.

I wonder where she gets her sense of humor?


All of the Kids Represented At The Art Haven Buoy Auction Video

Manuel Simoes Captures All The Kids In This Video For GMG-

That’s right folks if there’s a community event- we cover it.  If you have something coming up that you think should be covered send us a comment and we will do everything in our power to bring the best of Gloucester to these here pages.

Art Haven Children’s Buoy Painting Video From Manuel Simoes

The buoys will be auction off by Senator Tarr January 29th from 6-9 at Cruiseport Gloucester on Rogers St. in Gloucester. If you have any questions please contact Dawn Gadow the Executive Director at Art Haven.
Best Wishes,
David Brooks
Dawn Gadow

978 283 3888

Last year’s Buoy Auction was a blast.  I can’t wait for it this year.