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On Flu Hysteria and The Self Admitted Creepy Guy On Twitter (oh and a poll too)

So yesterday I’m reading all the hysteria about the flu on twitter and suddenly now that Menino announced it as a crisis I guess everything that every man woman and child knew about  this flu season  became real for folks.  But I came across this Tweet that was the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as the hysteria meter goes-

Let me answer unequivocally that I’d rather be the dude that sucks up a couple days with the flu rather than the dope that goes a whole winter wearing a surgical mask.

I hope to god this guy is married already because he’s got zero and I mean zero chance of getting laid rocking a surgical mask out and about all winter.  We’re talking about an epic case of blue balls.  And you know what?  If it comes between an epic case of Blue Balls and an Epic Case of The Flu, give me the Flu 100 times out of 100.

We’re talking about a flu.  Yeah, a nasty flu.  A really sucky fever and chills flu.  Any parent that has had it or had a child with it can tell you how sucky it is but you don’t see the most paranoid Type A moms in the Hamilton or Manchester Mother’s clubs wearing surgical masks.  So I’m gonna venture out on a limb here and use that as my litmus test.  If the Alpha Psycho Type A Moms of the world aren’t even considering wearing surgical masks then no man should wear one.

If you are battling a life threatening illness or if you’re eighty years old and can die of pneumonia, if you have a young newborn at risk at home, by all means, but not if you’re a healthy 30 or 40 something. We’re not talking about SARS.  We’re talking about a flu.

Man Up Bro.


(I just totally signed my I’m gonna get the Flu the minute I land back in Boston card)

Anyway- here’s the poll-