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DTF Burger Challenge at the Farm Bar and Grille – Video

Host Noah and Emcee Joey Ciaramitaro hold the first 2011 Man vs. Food Challenge at the Farm Bar and Grille. special Thanks to Brad, Noah and Ryan from the Farm Bar and Grille for once again pulling off an over-the-top event. the Fifth Leg of the GMG Man vs Food Series is in the books.  Look for our next event once again teaming up with the Farm for Mussel Mania in May.

Watch video starring T-Roy, The Cow, Ed Collard, Homeless Ruth, Big Lar, Doug Maxfield, No Mercy Hersey, Frankie “The Silver Bullet” Gwynne, and the Ice Man.

The pandemonium of the final round starts  4 minutes into the video with the slide show at the end. Also 1 minute 19 seconds the Cow loses his lunch in a heroic display of vomitorious glory.

For all past GMG Man vs Food events including The Three Stooge Challenge, The Rogue Burger Challenge, the Hot Wing Challenge and The Corndog Challenge you can check the pages of pictures and video by clicking here.

Homeless Ruth Is DTF!!!!


The last time we caught up with Homeless Ruth she took us on a carriage ride through the beautiful streets of Rockport MA.

We met when hungry Ruth wandered in from the street to chow down and participate in the Rogue Burger Challenge at Passports two years ago.  Ruth stood toe to toe with Ed Collard and Big Lar in the second leg of the GMG Man vs Food Series at Passports but wasn’t up to the task of bringing down the big boys.   Wanting to vindicate herself, she has thrown her hat into the ring and will be (as of this writing) the sole female contestant for the Farm Bar and Grille DTF Burger Challenge.

I’m very excited to have Ruth participate.  Do not let her small frame fool you- she put away 3/4 of the competition in the Rogue Burger Challenge- She’s a competitor!



Hope to see you there!!!!!!

Is Doug Maxfield DTF?

The question thousands have been asking is if Doug Maxfield will step up and take the Farm Bar and Grille DTF Burger Challenge next Thursday night and compete against such luminaries as Ed “I’ll do anything” Collard", Frankie The Silver Bullet Gwynne, Jeremy The Great Jewish Hope Goldberg and Patrick Lederhosen Ryan.

Maxfield- The man behind my favorite blog NorthShoreWaterman, and the most honest fisherman I’ve never met has yet to be heard from but inquiring minds want to know if he will enter the competition Thursday night at The Farm.

Could we potentially see Maxfield’s name on the same plaque as Dangerous Dick Low and Big Lar?


Is Maxfield DTF?


Don’t Forget To Say Hi To The Tuckers Farm Family Diner Folks At Topsfield Fair

Photo From Donna Ardizzoni

Our own Tucker's Farm Topsfield Fair

Wonder If They Are Serving Up Three Stooge Challenges-

These Clips Are From The GMG Man vs Food Three Stooge Challenge

Part III

Ten Minutes In

Cliff Rideout- A Mean (not so lean) Eating Machine Part IV Video

Good Times.  Look for the next GMG Man vs Food Challenge Soon

Thursday NIGHT!!!-Good Morning Gloucester Farm Bar and Grille Corn Dog Challenge

It’s On Baby!!!!   We are still looking for a few contestants to round out the slots.   If you have someone you would like to spoonsor (for free) let me know and we will pimp your organization during the introductions and throughout the videos!

Be there it’s gonna be a blast!

Good Morning Gloucester Farm Bar and Grille Corn Dog Challenge, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


It’s On Bitches!- Corndogs- Yes Corndogs!

The final negotioations have taken placed and we’ve inked a deal to bring the next leg of The Good Morning Gloucester Man vs Food Challenge to you and it’s all about the corndogs baby!

After an absolutely insane night of fun at The Farm Bar and Grille for the Hot Wing Challenge we decided we had to go back to the well as the venue was just perfect for our event.  The owners Brad, Noah and Ryan are more than accomodating and the combination of the sound system, the ability to drink during the event and the set-up of the room is just phenomenal.  I’m sure that anyone who attended would surely agree.

The date is February 11th and we have firm commitments from past champs Big Lar’ and Ed Collard.  Dangerous Dick Low has been suspiciously absent so we will try to locate him as well as Tucker Farm Family Diner  Three Stooge Breakfast Champ Cliff Rideout.

We have several slots open for competitive eaters so if you know anyone that can really put it away let me know and I’ll see if I can slide them into one of the few open slots.  Keep in mind that we have a very strong field so please don’t waste my time with a naomination for a slightly above average eater.  They gotta really bring the thunder and have a personality to back it up. 

To watch any of the videos from the past GMG Man vs Food Challenge click this link

The Farm Bar and Grille February 11th- Be There!

Ed Collard Says- Bring The Heat You Gringo Bastards!

You may ask why a grown man from the North East is wearing a poncho.  You may also ask why this man is visibly upset.

Well after watching Big Lar’s video in which Lar was humble about the upcoming Hot Wing Challenge At The Farm Bar and Grill Ed felt he needed to come down to the dock and make a statement.

Ed says “Bring the heat you gringo bastards!”

Don’t forget to show up at The Farm Bar and Grille Thursday night at 7:30PM for the GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Competitive Eating Challenge.  It’s going to be a wild one.

Look for Ed’s video this afternoon at 4PM

Announcing The Next Leg Of The GMG Food Challenge Series At The Farm Bar and Grille

Thursday Night November 12th At The Farm Bar and Grille

Play The Video To Hear The Details Of The Latest GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Man vs Food Competitive Eating Challenge.  We’re breaking out the waivers on this one folks!

Ed Collard, Cliff Rideout and Big Lar’ get byes into the event and we have Jeremy Guyotte joining the mix.  That leaves one open slot for a lucky GMG contestant to enter.  The Farm Bar and Grill will have 5 open slots to fill so if you don’t get in here with the first comment stating you want in, contact Ryan, Bradley or Noah at The Farm- 978-768-0000

You can also check out their facebook page for more details or the website

More Pictures From The GMG Passports Rogue Burger Challenge

Last night I entered intense negotiations with the owners of a very popular establishment for the next challenge.  Details will be forthcoming but you can be assured that it is going to be wild and crazy.

Videos starting at 8AM with the conclusions of the GMG Passports Rogue Burger Challenge.


GMG Passports Rogue Burger Challenge, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Ed Collard at The Rogue Burger Challenge

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