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For the latest on the proposed David Black sculpture controversy, read Bing McGilvray’s letter in today’s Gloucester Daily Times. The letter is not yet posted online as of 10am this morning, but you can read it on the opinion page in the paper or here:

“Today’s Editorial, City’s arts policy must define room for public input, leads off with the insinuation that every new work of public art is always met with some degree of negativity, followed by this statement: “Indeed, reports indicate that some local folks didn’t immediately warm even to sculptor Leonard Craske’s 1923 Man at the Wheel…” What reports are you citing here? Whatever the source, this is absolutely untrue.” READ COMPLETE TEXT HERE: Fisherman’s Statue Was Never Controversial!

Please attend the forum to begin the process of developing a city wide arts policy, which will be held on May 14th. The exact time to be announced shortly. This is an important discussion and I look forward to seeing you there!

They that go down to the sea in ships.

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The iPhone Chronicles by @CraigShoots: Snow day 2-6-14

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The Man at the Wheel…on the arm

We thought GMG would appreciate this photo as much as we did here at the Blue Shutters…
There are many ways fans of Gloucester can show their love for our favorite seaside town — you’ll find "The Man at the Wheel" emblazoned on tee-shirts, baseball caps, refridgerator magnets, ashtrays and coffee mugs up and down Main Street. But we were particularly impressed with one Blue Shutters guest — Bob from Maryland — who showed us this most awesome tattoo. Bob, whose has roots here, says he always has Gloucester with him wherever he goes.
Tony, Patty, Ed and Annmarie

To see the Fisherman tattoo series of photos click here




The iconic Man at the Wheel will grace the cover of the 2011 Discover Gloucester Visitor Guide.
Send in your best photograph of the Gloucester Fisherman Memorial Statue and your photo could be on the cover of 100,000+ Visitor Guides that will reach both potential visitors and those who grab them while they’re visiting -  with full credit to you, of course!

Summer or winter, spring or fall, night or day, by boat or land- send them all!
Send questions, images and contact info to Linda, stockmandesign@comcast.net  Must be received by February 1, 2011 to be considered. 

But do it now while you’re thinking about it!
Local tourism professionals, business owners, front line workers, volunteers, interested citizens: Meet Up for a casual tourism conversation and share your ideas about programs, promotions, and ideas that will promote Gloucester as an excellent destination all year long. We want to hear from you! 
8:30AM at The Harborview Inn, 71 Western Avenue in Gloucester; coffee and pastries served. 
RSVP info@seaportgloucester.org; space is limited.

Fisherman Tattoo Series- Jeremy Goldberg

Here is Jeremy Goldberg, owner and head brewer at Cape Ann Brewing’s new tattoo featuring the Man at The Wheel and the Cape Ann Brewing Logo.

For the Fisherman tattoo slide Show click this text

Cape Ann 350 Climate Action Event – Man at the Wheel, Gloucester

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From Georges Dyer-

Cape Ann 350 Climate Action Event – Man at the Wheel, Gloucester

24 October 2009 – 1:00pm – 2:00pm

A gathering of local citizens to make a statement a statement about the need to stabilize atmospheric CO2 concentrations at 350, and take actions to reduce our own emissions.

We will meet at 1pm on Sat. Oct, 24th for a picture around the famous “Old Salt” fisherman’s memorial statue in Gloucester, MA.

The organizers will provide a “350” banner as well as other relevant signs to get the message across in our picture(s).

In addition, we plan to reach out to local press, political groups and local interest groups to raise awareness and catalyze climate action locally, as well as support for climate policy nationally and internationally.

For all of you in Gloucester, on Cape Ann, or around the North Shore of Boston, please join us Sat. Oct 24th at 1pm at the Fisherman’s Statue!!

Listen Monday Morning at 8:06AM WRKO With Todd Feinberg and Tom Finneran

I bumped into Todd Feinberg this morning downtown and he invited me to speak about the bumping of the Gloucester Man at The Wheel from the Massachusetts quarter.  Hopefully we can talk about the good stuff too like last weekend’s Schooner Festival and this upcoming weekend’s Block Party.

I’ll be calling in at 8:05AM, you can listen to it via internet radio by clicking this link- http://www.wrko.com/finnerans-forum

Or you can listen on the radio WRKO AM 680

Man at The Wheel Petition Can Be Downloaded And Printed Here

People from out of town who want to support the effort to put the Man at The Wheel on the Massachusetts Quarter after it had already been voted by over a 4 to 1 margin on a ballot put forth by the Governor’s office have been emailing as to how they can help.

So Kat Valentine put the petition into PDF form so anyone can click this link and print one out for themselves even if you are not around Gloucester but still want to help the cause-

Man at The Wheel Petition Can Be Downloaded And Printed  Here

Be heard.

click the petition to get your pdf version

It Ain’t Over -We’re Sick And Tired And We’re Not Gonna Take It Any More

Many of you read my outrage when finding out about The Man At The Wheel being bumped off the Massachusetts Quarter in favor of a park in Lowell.  The outpouring of disgust in this decision has been overwhelming.  People have been asking what we can do, who we can call, what letters we can write.

Well Ray Lamont, Editor of The Gloucester Daily Times contacted me yesterday and asked what I had planned if anything and if we should try to make a difference.  So we’re teaming up and looking for all the help we can get in getting this petition out to folks.  Ray put together this letter addressed to Senator Kerry and Congressman Tierney-

I will be printing them out as a petition and bringing them to our local coffee shops and retailers.  I will also have a link to it in pdf form which you will be able to click and print and send in yourself.

Enough is enough.  We don’t get our fair share of school funding, they build huge research facilities in Woods Hole on the South Shore, they castrate our fishermen and consolidate our fishing industry through regulations, they force our harbor to remain in a DPA “for the good of the Commonwealth” while we get no benefits from it, and when it’s finally time to for us to get a little positive recognition- voted on by over 4 to 1 by the people and on a voting system put forth from the state itself, we get bumped in favor of a building in Lowell.  A building that could be placed anywhere.  The Man at the Wheel is uniquely Gloucester, Uniquely Massachusetts.

We’re sick and tired and we’re not gonna take it anymore.


Here’s the form, copy and paste it and send it in.  By Monday we will have it around town at the coffee shops and I’ll post a list of other places for you to sign.

U.S. Senator John Kerry
U.S. Representative John Tierney
September 2009

Dear Sen. Kerry and Congressman Tierney,

I, the undersigned, respectfully request that you petition Congress to ask that the U,S, Mint revisit its decision to select the Lowell National Historical Park over the Gloucester Fishermen’s Memorial Man At The Wheel statute as the featured image on the back of the next edition of the Massachusetts quarter.

While we recognize that, due to miscommunication, there is now a belated question as to the Man At The Wheel’s eligibility for this honor, it’s important to note that the Man At The Wheel, an iconic symbol of the role of fishermen in the heritage of Gloucester and in Massachusetts, drew the support of more than 109,000 voters in the online poll commissioned and promoted by the office of Gov. Deval Patrick to make this choice based on the will of Massachusetts’ citizens,

For the U.S. Mint to unilaterally override that decision stands as a slap in the face to the people of Gloucester, to the governor’s office that coordinated the polling, and especially to all of the Massachusetts residents who took the time to make their feelings known regarding the Man at the Wheel and all that it represents.

We thank you in advance for your consideration.

Name                                       Address

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