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The Man At The Wheel Gets Bumped For Some Park In Lowell?

This morning’s Gloucester Daily Times brought news that the state’s quarter will not be sporting The Man at The Wheel Icon even though it won in a landslide of votes, and is being bumped for some park that no one outside of Lowell has ever heard of.

You have got to be fucking kidding me!

Who the hell has ever heard of the Lowell National Park and does anyone really think that our State in any way should be associated with a park in Lowell rather than The Proud Man At The Wheel.  This state was founded on Codfish you fucking idiots!  What a laughing stock the state of Massachusetts will become if this travesty is allowed to happen.

They put it out to vote- The Man at The Wheel Won in a landslide, and now they are pulling the rug out from under us for a park in Lowell????

Lowell…………….. seriously??????????

Read the story from the Gloucester Daily Times here

Does The Park In Lowell Have a Song Like This Written About It????