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Day 2 Filming the Duckling Family

Mallard Duckling ¬©Kim Smith 2015The Mallard Duck family that I have been filming during the¬†early morning hours this past week is allowing me to get very close, venturing to within two feet from¬†where I am tucked in amongst the reeds by the water’s edge. The ducklings mirror the parent’s every action and they are are especially adorable¬†learning how to oil their feathers. Although the female attempts to stay close, and the male is always hovering nearby, one is¬†becoming¬†increasingly independent, a little too independent if you ask me. I can’t get over the ducklings¬†vulnerability–its a miracle any¬†survive to adulthood.

Female Mallard and Ducklings ©Kim Smith 2015

The mixed flock of ducks is comprised mostly of Mallards, with several pairs of American Black Ducks mixed in. A single pair of Blue-winged Teals was spotted for several days.

Blue-winged Teal adult male breeding ©Kim Smith 2015

Blue-winged Teal Adult Male Breeding Plummage

American Black Duck ©Kim smith 2015American Black Duck