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Male Breast Cancer Calendars For Sale At Georges Coffee Shop

Dean Salah Writes-

Hey Joey, we are selling the first ever male breast cancer calendars at the shop. I would appreciate any help you could give in promoting this very worthwhile fund raiser. My good friend Pete Devereaux is a male breast cancer survivor and is featured in the calendar. All the gentlemen featured in the calendar were either U.S. Marines who served at Camp Lejeune or were born on the base. All are male breast cancer survivors. Surely everyone has been touched in some way by breast cancer. These calendars make a great gift or keepsake for those who have been affected by breast cancer. The calendars were made by ArtBecause and are very well done. They sell for $20 and checks can be made payable to : ArtBecause. All proceeds will fund a male breast cancer research project.

Thanks,  Dean