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"Glosta Skis" at Maine Adaptive Ski-A-Thon!

Hi Joey,

Brian Carlson (Gloucester Coast Guard Alum and Lover of All Things Gloucester) and myself were so very fortunate to be invited to participate in the 29th Annual Maine Adaptive Ski-A-Thon which is held each year at Sunday River.  For all of us Gloucester Folk who enjoy skiing, Sunday River is our winter mountain hangout.

Our “Glosta Ski” team was organized by Liz Neumeier (second from left in Team Photo).  She is an amazing Fundraiser and very active in our Gloucester Community, most prominently with the Gloucester Stage Company 

We needed one more member for our team and this lovely young woman, Julie, asked to join us.  Julie was born with only one leg.  She – with much enthusiasm – told us that she didn’t have a “disability” just a “different ability”.  Man, can she ski!

I pulled out a bunch of lobster buoys from my trash bag (nice touch!) to use as props for the Costume Contest.  Explaining that I was not sure how I planned to use them, Julie promptly picked one up and attached it to her belt – see photo.  She laughed and we all laughed with her!  It was quite a moment and the three of us followed her example and decorated ourselves with the buoys.  We had one left over, and Brian made this into “the baby”.  Julie won First Prize for Best Individual Costume.  She was so much fun and said, “You guys, can I be on Glosta Skis Team next year, too?”

We all have handicaps of some sort, not one of us gets out of this Life unscathed.  Isn’t it ALL about how we adapt to them?

It was a very uplifting and emotional event.  I am so proud that Gloucester was represented!

Thank you once again for all that you do!


Cindy Hendrickson