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Spring Art Show

The Magnolia Historical Society Art was a great success. Wonderful artists, food, thanks to Classic Cooks and the artists and visitors. There were over 500 visitors during the weekend. Here are a couple of photos.

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During the Art Sale at the Magnolia Historical Society last weekend, a Magnolia resident came in with an original coat hanger from the hotel. The following is photo plus a GMG post from a couple of years ago.
Memories Of The Oceanside Hotel, Magnolia MA In 1931 From George Krewson III.  My Dad purchased the Oceanside Hotel at Magnolia in 1931. I was 6 at the time. He kept it until 1946. Dad had no idea how to operate a hotel, having most previous experience in the building business. When the 1929 depression hit he was out of building and just happened to acquire the Oceanside by what he called “trading cats for dogs.” He and Mom learned quickly, and within a few years a guest suggested that they journey down to Thomasville, GA and have a look a winter resort inn there. They liked what they saw and purchased the inn. Each year for the next 11 years they thrived on the resort hotel business–the Oceanside at Magnolia in the summer, and the Three Toms Inn at Thomasville in the winter, Needless to say I cam to really love growing up in the business. Then came WW II and changes in all family’s lives.

Magnolia and the Oceanside, in particular, will always remain as a fond memory.
April 12, 2014 asomeone brought this in to the Historical Society