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Poop and Lysol- The Poll



I’d just like to throw out there the premise that the smell of fresh poop masked unsuccessfully by Lysol is far more offending to the senses than straight up poop.

Am I wrong in my thinking here?

Like if you just laid down a monster turd why not own up to it rather than try to mask it with that god awful Poop/Lysol smell mix? It’s offending to the person walking in after you and it’s offending to the masterpiece you left behind in the can.

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re waiting to relieve yourself and the bathroom is occupied. So you sit there patiently waiting and then the perpetrator walks out of the bathroom.   You walk in an immediately get smacked in the face with a waft of nasty poop/lysol aroma so pungent you feel like Mr T just gave you a Dirty Sanchez.

You drop to the ground commando style and try to work your way out of the bathroom on your elbows like a GI ducking for cover on Omaha Beach, trying to duck below the cloud of agent orange-like nastiness left behind only to discover it’s inescapable.  You’re surrounded by it like the boy in the bubble and now you’ve only got two choices- soil yourself or stand up and inhale in all that poop/lysol aroma.  It’s just burning out your nostrils and leaving you dry heaving your way out of the bathroom, light headed and ready to pass out.

I’d like to propose to parents across the US- please teach your children the proper way to take a dump-

Finish your bidness, wipe til you don’t see any brown on the TP and then wipe a couple more times to make sure, wash your hands with soap and water, grab a handful of paper towels to dry them off and use the same paper towels to open the door so your hands don’t touch the bacteria laden bathroom door handles, stick out your chest and just flat out own that poop.

Pass on the Lysol. It’s just flat out more natural. Haven’t you ever read that book as a child- Everybody Poops?  Poop- Natural.  Lysol/Poop- Not Natural.

Anyway, vote in the poll-