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Lunar Eclipse Sunday Night is also Super Moon!

You will have to wait something like two billion years to see something like this again. 10:11 PM is the time you need to remember.

Practicing tonight for the Super Lunar Eclipse on Sunday Night!

Practicing tonight for the Super Lunar Eclipse on Sunday Night!

6:22PM the moon rises.
8:12 Penumbral eclips begins nothing to see
9:07 PM partial eclipse begins
10:11 PM full eclipse begins (shit gets real. The moon is now in complete shadow.)
10:47 PM maximum eclipse ( demons appear, world ends)
11:23 PM full eclipse ends (watch for that first glimmer of light passing over Mount Everest hitting the moon)
12:27 AM (only astronomers and nerds will stay up for this.)

Question for Paul M: Do you think the pale pink in the sky is a faint glimpse of the Lunar Eclipse?

Niles Beach sunrise ©Kim Smith 2014Click to view larger

I went looking for the eclipse this morning Paul M. It was way too overcast (as you predicted), but the colors of the sky over Eastern Point, facing west, were very unusual, for sunrise. The panorama was taken at Niles Beach, in the direction towards where the setting moon would be, at around 7:15 this morning. Do you think the bright light and pinkish color in the sky is a reflection from the setting Blood Moon?


Wednesday Lunar Eclipse at Dawn Once in a Lifetime!

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, when the sun rises in the east the full moon will be setting in the west. But this time a full lunar eclipse will be taking place.

The countdown:

5:18 AM eclipse starts (moon starts getting red)

6:27 AM total eclipse (moon is red!)

6:47 AM maximum eclipse in Gloucester

Sunrise is at 6:47 AM and the moon sets at :6:52 AM  So you can see there is a pile up with the sun rising, the moon setting and the moon is epic total all at the same time!

So if you are out at the Eastern Point lighthouse before 6:30 AM you can set up to watch the lunar eclipse set over the western harbor while the sun rises behind you in the east behind the lighthouse.

Except it is going to be raining at dawn with a 17 mph wind out of the south making it no so much fun out there. But what if the clouds part?


That yellow line points to where the sun will be coming up and the dark blue line points to where the moon is setting.

Because the blood red eclipse will be on the horizon the moon will look about as gargantuan as a giant Rubber Duck sitting in Gloucester Harbor. Except we won’t see a thing because it will be raining.

Full Lunar Eclipse Morning of December 21

Almost Total Lunar Eclipse

Photographers of Cape Ann take note. You might want to check out the full lunar eclipse on the morning of December 21. Earth Sky story here. Because it is so close to the winter solstice the moon will be traversing the highest in the sky for lunar eclipses for centuries.

Cape Ann:

Monday, Night of December 20 the full moon will rise at: 3:37 PM

December 21 1:33 AM (same night after midnight) the partial lunar eclipse begins.

December 21 2:41 AM full lunar eclipse begins. For the next 72 minutes the moon is a dark orange ball under total eclipse inside the earth’s shadow.

December 21 3:52 AM full lunar eclipse ends.

December 21 5:01 AM partial lunar eclipse ends.

The full moon sets at 6:30 AM

The sunrise is at 7:10AM

Between 2:41 AM and 3:53 AM the moon is going to be very photogenic next to the City Hall tower or a church steeple or over the paint factory. I might be out on Bearskin Neck trying to get a shot of Rockport Harbor with the moon in the west.  Movies of the very beginning and end will also be cool. Do a dry run the night before  to find the best locations. The moon is in “position” one hour earlier. It sets at 5:30 AM the day before, got it?