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Lumper’s Picnic, Labor Day, circa 1950 From Fred Bodin



In the large pot of boiling water: Monsta Lobsta’s. Beers of choice: Ballantine XXX and Blatz.


The Gloucester Lumper’s Picnic, Scandinavian Grove, circa 1950

From left to right in the photo above: Louie Houle, Jocko "Gas Bag" Powers, Mel Mountain, ?, ?, Bill Saint Pierre,?, ?, ?,and Wesley "Hank" Hannon.

Fred adds-

Hi Joey,

Glad you liked my Lumpers’ Picnic submission, scheduled for 6 pm tomorrow. I’m hosting a Lumpers’ Picnic themed reception in the gallery on Friday, August 10th for the Mayor and her Walk the Walk tour at 1:45 pm. I’m waiting to hear from Mark McDonough about a picnic platter before I put anything out. Maybe you’ll want to tack this onto my Lumper post, or do a separate one. Up to you my friend.

Thanks, Fred

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