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A sweetly random sign to come upon while walking our Rosie at Niles Beach this morning.

LOVE bl:wh ©Kim Smith 2015

Love Niles Beach!

LOVE was found just below the high tide line, which makes me wonder how the letters stayed in place because a fellow dog walker mentioned it had been there for a few days. Whatever the case, thank you to whoever made it!

Peace- Love- Tolerance- GMG MLK Day Recognition


Beth Swan Comes through with yet another awesome GMG logo design.

Beth writes-

Today is MLK Jr Day. It is about love, forgiveness, tolerance, and diversity. There is this awesome thing happening where people are taking the challenge to do 100 Acts of Kindness between tomorrow and Valentines Day.  Perhaps we should all be doing this anyway, but I think it’s great and the more focus we can have on that – the better!

Lesson Plan
Living the Dream: 100 Acts of Kindness

A Story About Love

This summer at the Celebrate Gloucester concert at I4C2 the place was filled with smiling faces and dancing feet.

At around 9PM it was really jumping down there and most of the VIP seating had been cleared away to make way for people to get down and shake their groove thing.

Out of the very diverse crowd that night there was a couple that stood out from the mass of people right up front from my vantage point on stage.

This couple were in their 60’s and had been married a long while but the way they embraced each other and the way they beamed when looking into each other’s eyes they looked like they were honeymooners.  That couple was none other than Kate Seidman and Mitch Cohen.

When the night was winding down we walked up the hill together from I4C2 up Hancock Street past Topside Grill and the new construction on the left hand side of the street.  I asked Mitch and Kate, “What’s the secret?”  “How do you stay so in love after all these years?”  They had it.  They had it in a way you rarely see at that level at that age.

It was extraordinary and striking to me.  This was no act.  This was pure and true love.

Many of you know Kate and Mitch and all they have contributed to our community.  The beauty and kindness and compassion.

Mitch’s sudden passing comes as an incredible blow to everyone he knows.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the conversations I’ve had with Mitch and Kate this summer where they both,together or one on one have been so happy and in good places.

So to Kate- In your time of grieving for the loss of such a wonderful man you must know how much you are loved by the community, by your family, by all the people you touch every day with your positive spirit.  You had a good many years IN LOVE.  IN TRUE LOVE.  Some Many people will never know the type of true love that you had with Mitch.

In your grieving if there is any comfort you can take from this know that even though Mitch’s body is gone that you had what most people may never even know all the way through til the very end and that is TRUE LOVE and no one can ever take away that gift, those memories.  You will always be loved by your many friends, family and community Kate because you are special and as we have talkled about all so many times you are a connector and a person that makes beautiful things happen through your facilitating of positive energy and connecting people.  It is through all those loving compassionate connections that you have made that hopefully you can find strenth and comfort.

Love you Kate.
Everyone loves you.