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Lost Dog Mt Vernon St Street Area

hello, GMG,

we recently became residents of gloucester and today our very shy new rescue hound from the south slipped her harness when frightened by some some workmen and took off, scared by the loud sounds. i neighbor said she saw her run into the side of a car on prospect st. the car did not stop. she then ran up the hill towards mt vernon…

we have been looking for her all day.

if anybody sees her or finds her in their yard please call us @ 978 491 0371

thanks so much !


ps here are some pictures of gracie, alone, and with her fellow lemon-spotted pals oliver and duncan macdawg.


Tips to Help Find Your Lost Pet

Mary Lou Maraganis of All Dog Rescue and Co-founder of the Gloucester Dog Park shares some information on the Saber network, and educates us on the Pitbull Breed.

She also shares these tips for helping your find your lost pet. She recommends you keep a copy of this list with your important pet records, incase it ever happens to you, you’ll have the steps to follow:


Pets should always be wearing Collar and Tags

Microchip your pet and update address when you move!!

Get the Word out Immediately. Don’t wait for “Lassie” to come home. Use the
Internet, flyers, posters on cars.

Saber Alert (works much like child Amber Alert)

Call Animal shelters, ACO, Police daily- Don’t give up

Search internet for ‘lost dog site’ ‘how to find my lost dog’ ‘recovery tips for
lost dog’ . There are lots of sites where you can not only list your dog but get
wonderful tips on what to do. Doing something constructive like this can often
times empower you. Tips on where to search, time to search, what to bring with
you, different pet behaviors…

Sites to Ultilize:

Wwww.missingpetpartnership.org Excellent site with innovation ideas and tips.
Think Lost not Stray- simply not enough time for people to find them.


http://www.lostdogsearch.com Based in Southeastern Ma- one person show

Expecting grieving, brokenhearted people who are not trained or equipped to
search for their own missing pet does not make sense. Lost dog searchers are
often under an enormous amount of stress and tend to forget advice, ignore
suggestions and waste precious time. Owners behavior is often grief avoidance,
helplessness and feeling alone-simply don’t know what to do.


Lois Lane Is Home Again


This is the tale of a lost dog, a beautiful Gloucester black lab named Lois Lane. This is a tale of three friendly competitors in the food business who without realizing it, helped reunite Lois with her owners. And this is the story of a teenage boy in Gloucester with a keen eye and a good heart.

Lois Lane and best friend, Clark Kent, both Labrador Retrievers, live in Gloucester with their owners, Matt Beach and John Lamirande, who are two of the owners of Duckworth’s Beach Gourmet on Washington Street. On Sunday afternoon, Lois and Clark were in their back yard when suddenly Lois was gone. Matt scoured the neighborhood with no success. Friends converged to hunt for Lois, but by nightfall she had not returned home.

Monday was a flurry of the usual syllabus of activities for lost dogs: e-mails, Facebook postings, placing a “lost dog” ad in the Gloucester Daily Times, making signs and posters, and calls to Cape Ann Animal Aid, the Police, local veterinarians, and the Animal Control Officer. Around 5 PM friends dispersed around Gloucester to hang posters and search once again for the still missing Lois Lane.  It was just a short time after that their friend Kim Dustin, owner of Kimini Concierge, who also works at Duckworth Beach Gourmet, stopped by several locations on Washington Street, Richdale, Willow Rest, etc. and posted her picture on bulletin boards. Within minutes of the posters being hung, Lenny Leonardo, age 15, saw the poster and phoned his mom to tell her he thinks he found the owner of the missing Lois Lane. Lenny’s parents own Leonardo’s Restaurant on Main Street. Lenny’s mother, Brenda, had shared a story of a black lab who hung out in Lenny’s grandmother’s neighborhood over night. Brenda called Matt, and within ten minutes Matt and John were at the front door where Lois Lane was waiting for them, her body shaking and her tail wagging wildly. It was too soon to tell whether she had been hurt.

Immediately, they called Ray Cahill, owner of Seaport Veterinary Hospital, Lois’s veterinarian, whose office was closed. He was expecting people for dinner, but he said that he’d meet them at his office in 15 minutes to see if Lois had sustained any injuries. The X-rays look good, and while Lois is still tentative, she’s on the mend.

When the excitement of the reunion died down, Matt and John reflected back on the past 40 hours. What a community we live in! With individuals reaching out to help through emails, Facebook posting, phone calls, and businesses partnering together to help local citizens in a time of need.  And then there is Lenny, not you’re typical teenage boy but someone who’s thoughtful enough to care for someone else’s pet. When asked what could be done to thank him for his thoughtfulness and attention, Mrs. Leonardo said nothing, Lenny was so relieved that he was able to help and that was enough for him.

If Lois Lane could talk, we bet she’d be saying, “Was that you, Superman?”