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Lookie Lookie Band performs Latin Bugalu @ The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck ~ 7-10 ~ June 28, 2013

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Location: The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck

DANCE PARTY! Come hear the hot, groovy sounds of 1960s Latin Bugalu from Boston-based Lookie Lookie, Friday June 28, 7-10 at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, $10. Some of Boston’s best musicians and a groove guaranteed to make you smile!

A brand new band playing Latin Bugalu music, Lookie Lookie is named for a song by Ricardo Ray. The music of Ray and Joe Cuba form the core repertoire, with a healthy dose of African Latin music, including Soukous.Lookie Lookie is the brainchild of bassist Chris Maclachlan, best known for his work in the seminal Boston punk band Human Sexual Response.Maclachlan has an abiding love for Latin Bugalu, a crossover genre invented primarily by Newyorican musicians in the 1960s. Incredibly fun and catchy, Bugalu lies somewhere between the stately Cuban sounds of the 50s and the manic high salsa of the 70s. Top artists included Joe Cuba and Richie Ray, whose tunes form the backbone of the new band’s repertoire.

In fact, the band is named for an early Richie Ray hit, “Lookie Lookie,” which encapsulates some of the pan-American fusion that went into Bugalu.

Lookie Lookie is an all-star lineup: Scott Getchell, trumpet; Ken Field, alto sax; Russ Gershon, tenor sax; Chris Maclachlan, bass; Rick Barry and Vicente Lebron, percussion. Collectively this hoary crew is in some way responsibile for the Either/Orchestra, the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, Bim Ska La Bim, Agachiko, Willie Alexander’s Persistence of Memory Orchestra and other top Boston bands.

Band godfather Vicente Lebron has played with many members of Ricardo’s Ray and Joe Cuba’s band over a long and storied career, beginning in New York in 1971. Since moving to Boston in 1974, he has been a mainstay of the Latin music community, as a player on the jazz scene with bands like the Either/Orchestra and Club D’Elf.

Lookie Lookie has the amazing ability to put a smile on the face of just about everybody, no matter what their musical taste. And, it’s easy and fun to dance to – you don’t have to know any fancy steps, the rhythm will take you away.

$10 at the door. Beer/wine/snacks available.

Contact: Karen Ristuben
Email: karen.ristuben@gmail.com
Phone: 978-758-1210

More Info: www.rockyneckartcolony.org 

Location Details
The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck
6 Wonson Street
Gloucester MA 01930 US