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Naomi Lee shares her art in Gloucester and around Cape Ann

Naomi Lee (Glimcher Panarello) who has made her home here in Gloucester for the past six years was a long time resident of Revere for thirty seven years and moved on to Marblehead for 18 years. She has been interested in art since early child hood. Always creating something from paint, mud and clay, she has even mentioned how she loved to get punished, knowing she would be sent to her room on purpose. It was there she could be secluded and create her art. She remembers painting birds on vinyl window shades. Also, one of a beautiful parrot that her mother gave to a neighbor who had mentioned how much she loved it.

At the age thirteen she went to the Museum Of Fine Arts and took a course in sculpture and that’s only training she has gotten, everything else was self taught. Because of her skills she ended up working in Parks and Recreation teaching children to senior citizens to create things from clay, later working at two different Jewish community centers one in Revere and one in Marblehead. For one season she was the Art Director at the Eastern Yacht club for the summer program. This was around the early 1990’s and continued teaching until the early 2000’s. Her last position was at Temple Emanuel teaching pottery in Marblehead 2002.

Two and a half years ago she was juried into the Guild of Beverly Artists, while looking to make money to get her car fixed, during that time she did five shows and many others on her own since.

Presently you can find some of Naomi’s art work (oil paintings) in the back room at the Pleasant Street Tea Co. on 7 Pleasant Street, Gloucester. The paintings will be there until the end of April.

After this you can view her paintings at the Sovereign Bank in Manchester from May 1 to June 5. Then onto the Lone Gull for the month of July and the Sovereign Bank in Gloucester for the month of September.

There are many paintings to see of Gloucester’s landscape these happen to be a favorite subject of Naomi’s. Paintings can be done by photo or by eye. She believes in the warmth of the sun the calm of the moon the strength of the wind and power of sea.

Naomi calls this seascape of Good Harbor a miracle painting after a serious decision in her life and seeing the rainbow confirmed her choice. This is the product of doing so.

Naomi Miracle

On May 4th at the Sovereign Bank in Manchester there will be a reception between 10:00 am and 11:30 am with refreshments and a token of appreciation.

Here are some other pieces of Naomi’s  art work.



My favorite of The Annisquam Lighthouse.

Naomi Lee contact


(781) 710-1080

Another origami sighting in Gloucester!

The other day I stopped in to the Lone Gull Coffeehouse for the first time, and to my surprise and delight, saw origami!  Not stand-alone origami, but origami cranes used very creatively as part of a type of collage, by artist Kate Dagle.  Here is a sampling:

She has a a variety of different works on display – beautifully combining the cranes in different colors, patterns, and compositions.

While you admire the artwork, I highly recommend trying out one of the Lone Gull’s incredible variety of soda or lemonade. They have quite a list of different flavors they can mix into your beverage.  I had a “white peach lemonade”, which was delicious.

Brendan Pike’s art is on the wall in the background. It looks very nice, but I must admit, all my attention was focused on the origami…

The Lone Gull Coffee House is located at 146 Main Street.

-Fr. Matthew Green

Joe Borge Underwater Photography-Lobster

Joe Borge’s underwater photography can be seen at his Lone Gull Coffeehouse in the heart of downtown Gloucester. The colors are so vivid you would swear it was a painting but in fact they are photographs.