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Lone Gull 10K Video and Race Results From Kenny MacCarthy

http://www.capeanninfo.com Stunning day for a run around the Back Shore, Eastern Point and back. The race was benefitting the Children’s Center for Communication at the Beverly School for the Deaf. BTW what the heck is THAT out in the harbor???

Lone Gull 10k Race Results Click below for full results at www.coolrunning.com


The Lone Gull 10K Video

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The Scene at Good Harbor Beach for The Lone Gull 10K.
The top finisher from Gloucester was a tenth place finish by John Barbour-
10 John Barbour 4 1/41 M5059 Gloucester MA GLRR 34:29 5:33
30 Nathan Hausman 366 8/68 M3039 Gloucester MA 38:38 6:13
The top place female finisher from Gloucester was Christina Robeson-
41 Christina Robeson 338 1/89 F3039 Gloucester MA TEAM PSYCH 40:46 6:34
Interviewees from the video results-
86 David Patterson 85 31/76 M4049 Salem MA WICKED 45:41 7:22

121 James Venza 323 19/38 M2029 Lynnfield MA 47:33 7:40

127 Anthony Reppucci 101 11/41 M5059 Gloucester MA 47:57 7:43
286 Paula Penta 448 31/70 F2029 Wellesley MA 56:23 9:05
Good Guy Bob Gillis Results-
59 Robert Gillis 462 4/41 M5059 Gloucester MA TEAM GLOU 42:47 6:54