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Lois McNulty Represents! In Inisheer

Hi Joey-

I just got in from Ireland where I spent a fast week with my daughter Nora.

This picture is from Inisheer, one of the Aran Islands off Galway Bay on the west coast.  I thought I was in Gloucester- surrounded by the sea.   Fishing boats, granite everywhere, a bar on every corner, and the NICEST people.  See you soon!

Lois McNulty


Chickity Check It! FOB Lois McNulty’s Got A Book Out!

Carried Away- True Stories From Letter Carriers
Across America

A 128-page paperback book to celebrate letter carriers and our customers. True stories, photos of unusual mailboxes, cartoons. Also check out her blog here


2 copies for $15 FREE SHIPPING!
(reguar price $11.95)
All for Charity
100% of proceeds from the sale of Carried Awayis donated to the Postal Employees’ Relief Fundwww.postalrelief.com

The next wave of Cape Ann’s literary greats…

Terry Weber writes-

Just wanted to let you know that the Finish Line Writers Group has been meeting for almost two months at the Gloucester Writers Center. We are all working on our own novels, memoirs or screenplays, yet still finding time to support each other’s projects. At each meeting we have readings and critique time, as well as an educational segment. I have to say we are becoming quite close, and each of us contributes ideas to the group to make it effective and worthwhile. May we all make it to the Finish Line! 

Note GMG friend Lois McNulty ‘consulting’ with me. She must be writing a comedy, as I can’t seem to take what she’s saying seriously! 😉

IMG_0676IMG_0679me and lois mcnulty

Joey’s editorial:

There is something for everyone in our community, writers, painters, sport fishermen, sun bathers, museum goers, indie film aficionados, patrons of the arts, music lovers, musicians, bird watchers, kayakers, stand up paddleboarders, folks that love to eat, ect, ect ect.


Lois McNulty Informs Us Of The Best Place To Take A Crap In Essex MA

Chickity Check It- Lois McNulty’s Blog-

Lois writes-
If you have to use an outhouse…..

I recommend this one in Essex, MA.  It’s at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum, where they restore old wooden boats.

Click here for more pictures inside this fabulous structure at Lois’ blog.

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.