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Jud McCarthy- 92 Years Young

Here is Jud McCarthy, father of our lobsterman John McCarthy who owns the Tin Lizzy.  The other day John and Jud pulled up after a long day lobstering in not-so-perfect conditions and Jud was head aqnd shoulders down in the lobster tank unloading it

Now I know how broke up my body feels at 40.  I can’t even imagine doing the kind of work required to go lobstering at ninety two years old.  This is one tough old bird.

Jud McCarthy 92 Years Young, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Lobsterman Truck Series- Doug Opie

Here’s Doug Opie, skipper of The Broken Arrow with his catch at our doors here at Captain Joe’s.  Check out his faithful sidekick Cash in the back window making sure everything is in order.

Lobstermen Truck Series – Tom Hale

Here is Tom Hale and his GMC pick up truck.

Here Tom replaces ID tags on some used lobster traps he purchased from Mark Ring. He is taking Mark Rings tags out and putting his tags in.
There are several reasons for the ID tags. Sometimes a lobster trawl will lose it’s buoys. The tags are a way for another lobsterman to identify the lost gear if they cross groundlines underwater and get the gear up in a tangle of the two lobsterman’s gear.
Lobstermen also have a certain number of traps they can set. These tags are issued from the govt. So the govt issues a certain number of ID tags per lobsterman. It is a way to make sure that lobstermen don’t set more than the allotted amount of lobster traps because each trap has to have a tag.

Lobstermen Truck Series- Scott Horne

In today’s edition of Lobstermen Truck Series we feature Scott Horne and his GMC Sierra pick up.  This is a big ol truck.  Note the extended cab to lug Scott’s boys around and full size bed which he uses to transport trap to and from the dock to repair and store them.
Scott works at Gloucester Engineering and part time lobster fishes.  He has had his boat The Touch of Grey for over ten years and has gotten his money’s worth out of that boat I’ll tell you that.  In the summer it isn’t unusual for him to use his lobsterboat for double duty of pleasure (going up the river) and then lobstering along the way.
Here Scott is putting on a load of gear.