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Live Post Blogging: 1st Annual Lobster Bake

A sneak peak at what was a huge success. That Joey has great ideas!

Beautiful Industry- Brian Cummings Shoots The Trapper John

Check Out Brian’s Facebook Page Here- FB/briancummingsphotosesh

Potluck Family Reunion

80 people all related to me. Scary to think about but I’ll keep them all on the other Cape. So my dish started with these girls swimming in Joey’s tank at noon and now they are red:lobbies

My strategy: claws and tails removed and chilled in the fridge overnight. (The knuckles and tamale the cook eats.) Then tomorrow morning  take the meat out of the claws an tails, chop to the size that would fit on a crostini, mix with Mayo (just to barely coat) a touch of salt and bagged on ice in the cooler.

Crostinis will be fresh baggettes cut less than half inch slices and toasted in oven. A piece of fresh garlic gets rubbed onto the toasted piece and bagged.

Assembly at party the lobster meat into a chilled bowl and crostini around the edge on a larger platter. Am I missing something? (Besides Rubber Duck. She is not in the photo since she needs some tubby time.)

Harborlight-Stoneridge Montessori School Students Get A Little Lobster Edumacation Here At The Dock

Hi Joey!
Thank you so much for being willing to entertain 26 students from the Harborlight-Stoneridge Montessori School this afternoon!  The two-week summer session that they’ve been participating in has followed the theme of "Marine Biology and Maritime History."  They have been incredibly fortunate to spend most days on the water engaged in a variety of hands-on activities.  Today they had to opportunity to explore Gloucester Harbor to learn about the rich fishing industry and to see up close the large variety of vessels that call Gloucester their home. 
Last week was spent learning about plankton, mollusks, echinoderms, fish, and crustaceans while conducting research at sea.  After having hauled traps and having learned about lobsters, it was important to me that they see "what happens next."  I really wanted the students to see a working waterfront and you very kindly supplied that opportunity!  As expected, you were incredibly patient with their questions and able to hold their attention while refining their knowledge.  They felt at ease with you right away and would have gladly stayed for hours had they the chance.
Not only do you now have 26 new FOBs, you’ve also helped this group of children better appreciate an industry that has been incredibly foreign to many of them.  To quote one of your new friends as he boarded the bus to head home, "That place is so cool!" 
Thanks so much!
Nichole Schrafft


Video- Next Generation Lobstermen- Brett and Jake Donovan and Their Solar Powered Lobster Pot Hauler


Susie and Her 6 Foot Lobster Roll

I went to a friends cookout and another friend of mine Darren Surette made this giant 20 some pound cheese burger. I told him at my next cookout I would have to out do his burger. So with much thought i decided to make a 6 foot lobster roll. Joe Virgillio made the 6ft roll for me and 30 lobsters later a 6ft lobster roll was born. What a sweet sound it was when Darren spoke those words~~ Yes, Susie you won !!

971932_120327491508276_773489952_n974087_10201480190790203_414965472_n1044770_633797633299211_704172299_nLOBSTA ROLL 2lobstaroll 1

Remember a Couple Weeks Back When Chandler Evans From BuzzFeed Out In LA Came Down the Dock?

20 Reasons Why Massachusetts Is Wicked Awesome Shot By Chandler Evans For BuzzFeed

Featuring many different scenes from Gloucester and Cape Ann. How many different locations can you identify?

Rate the video 1 star if you hated it and 5 stars if you loved it by clicking the title of this post and clicking on the stars below to submit your ranking.

Chandler Evans From BuzzFeed Swings By The Dock To Do A Segment

Posted on June 3, 2013 by Joey C

Check out his work www.buzzfeed.com/vayabobo

2013-06-03 17.26.53

Could we live in a more beautiful place?

Niles Pond Pussy Willows

Spring has barely sprung, but yesterday was a little taste of summer. I went for a walk in the late afternoon sunshine at Brace Cove and Niles Pond where I ran into my friends JoeAnn and MJ, who were also walking their dogs on this glorious afternoon. I was looking for muskrats and seals. I didn’t see the seals, but the muskrat swam alongside our route, keeping a wary eye on my every move.

Captain Joe Lobsters

After the luxuriously delightful beach walk, I came home and cooked up some Captain Joe and Sons lobsters and fresh corn for dinner. So looking forward to the warm weather!!!

How many mangled lobster traps are in this photo?

Mangles Lobster Traps

Mangles Mess of Lobster Traps near Magnolia Beach

I figure this jumble looks like about 3 traps.  John thinks it’s 9.  So we settled on 6 and based on that we counted 36 mangled traps on a small stretch of rocky Magnolia coastline today (see map here).

Joey, maybe you and some of your suppliers can estimate the number of lobster traps in this mangled mess more accurately and we’ll adjust our count accordingly.

Anyone else wanna take a shot at guessing?

Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

This week we’re thinking about China. Kathy is working with Philips Auction House opening on the Back Shore next week (http:www.philipsauctionhouse.com). She came across these wonderful pictures of fishing boats from a personal vacation album dating from 1910-1920 China.





A little closer to home, Marty visited Horizon Chinese Restaurant, 4 Rogers St., Gloucester, and watched Chef James prepare mouth watering stir fried shrimp in garlic sauce and lobster in spicy chili sauce.  All seafood is fresh off the boat in Gloucester Harbor.

KCedit1423 copy
KCedit1437 Photos © Kathy Chapman 2013
www.kathychapman.com and
© Marty Luster 2013

Breaking Freaking News: Gwenyth Paltrow Selling New Diet Book In Which You Can Eat Something Like Three Things


Are people this stupid that they will buy this book? I mean really. You can basically eat salmon, hummus or vegetables. It seems the whole premise of this diet book is based on how few items you can eat.

You can’t eat lobster. No deep water fish like cod or haddock, no coffee, no eggs, no beef, no dairy, no wheat, no wine, no alcohol, no sugar.


You know what? Screw Gwenynth MF Paltrow and her three item cookbook. I’m coming out with the Joey MF C Diet book if it’s that easy and I’ll make it so you can only eat two things. Stick that in your scrawny ass Gwenyth. By my math two is less than three and I’ll take my two over her three any day.

Here it is, (and if you read past this line you’ll be required by copyright restrictions to PayPal me $19.99 to be privy to my super advanced- “Less Ingredients Than Gwenyth Paltrow’s Diet Book-Diet Book”. Like the title?

Get Ready…..Wait For It………..

The Less Ingredients Than Gwenyth Paltrow’s Diet Book-Diet Book

Lobsters and Bloody Marys. All MF day long.

Oh and exercise. Get off your ass and move your body. Til you sweat. At least five times a week. Any movement. That makes you sweat. At least five times a week. See, if you’re sweating that means your heart rate is elevated and you’re burning calories.

Since you’re reading this you obviously know that you are obligated by penalty of law to pay me for the incredible amount of scientific research I put into this forward thinking diet book.
Guaranteed results or your PayPal payment refunded. Is Gwenyth MF Paltrow willing to back up her Diet Book like your boy Joey C?

$19.99 PayPal to your boy Joey MF C- Life Coach and Motivational Speaker


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