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Poll- Do You Have A Tattoo Or Have You Considered Getting One?

I’ve beat myself up for years considering getting a tattoo.  For years what held me back was the lack of something that I really really wanted to put on myself permanently.  Now that years have gone by and I’ve been in the lobster business for so long I’ve been wanting to get a lobster tattoo.

I have the exact design that I want and I know who I would go to -Molly at Witch City Ink but a couple of things have prevented me from doing so.  One, I don’t know exactly where I’d put it.  You see I have skinny forearms, and not only are they skinny but they are somewhat hairy.  Gross, right?  Who would want to look at a tattoo with hair growing out of it?

Anyway the design that I want features a traditional lobster from the overhead perspective.  The one with the claws right out in front of it in a straight line.  then I would like a scroll banner with Madeline written on one above the lobster and Eloise on  a scroll banner below.

Well enough about me.  Do you have a tattoo?  Have you ever had any desire to get one but chickened out?  If you did get one what would it be?

Harlot Fevah Sports Lobster Tattoo and Skates For The Boston Massacre

Lobster Tat!   You gotta love that!!!!!!!  

I’m thinking that there’s gonna be a huge Lobsterman contingency heading up for the next bout to cheer on Harlot Fevah.

Are You Kidding Me? Would You Look At That Ink?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.