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Poll- Do You Have A Tattoo Or Have You Considered Getting One?

I’ve beat myself up for years considering getting a tattoo.  For years what held me back was the lack of something that I really really wanted to put on myself permanently.  Now that years have gone by and I’ve been in the lobster business for so long I’ve been wanting to get a lobster tattoo.

I have the exact design that I want and I know who I would go to -Molly at Witch City Ink but a couple of things have prevented me from doing so.  One, I don’t know exactly where I’d put it.  You see I have skinny forearms, and not only are they skinny but they are somewhat hairy.  Gross, right?  Who would want to look at a tattoo with hair growing out of it?

Anyway the design that I want features a traditional lobster from the overhead perspective.  The one with the claws right out in front of it in a straight line.  then I would like a scroll banner with Madeline written on one above the lobster and Eloise on  a scroll banner below.

Well enough about me.  Do you have a tattoo?  Have you ever had any desire to get one but chickened out?  If you did get one what would it be?