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When the Lobster Goes Mainstream

I was in the Gap the other day and saw this t-shirt. My initial thought was this is a horrible play on  “Rock Lobster”.  I pictured the GAP Management team with their khakis and Joey C black frame glasses saying “Lobsters are so in this year, we need to tap that market”. I have an idea “How about lobsters with a guitar head and call it Rock Lobster”.

I did a little more digging and this t-shirt made it to the GAP from a contest on an indie t-shirt website called Threadless. Am I brainwashed by this being in the mainstream at the gap? If I saw in an indie store would I have said how awesome I need that?  What do people think of this?

Thanks – Patrick “post so often” Ryan

Fathers Day Gift- Eat This! Lobster Apron at The Cormorant Shop

If you are looking for the perfect Fathers Day gift, we will be open so get your orders in early if you want to give the gift of lobster to dear old dad.

As a compliment to the always appreciated gift of lobster you can pick up these aprons or an Eat This! lobster Tshirt at The Cormorant Shop downtown Gloucester.

It would make a great lasting impression for any father.