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The Challenge Has Been Issued- Red Sox vs Good Morning Gloucester Who Ya Got?

image Red Sox Executive Chefs Ron Abell and Nookie Postal have challenged Your Boy Joey to a lobster roll Battle Royal!

Sure these guys “feed 38,000 hungry, screaming fans 80 plus times a season” according to the Gloucester Daily Times, but the problem is that they are about to run into the buzzsaw that is know in the entire known universe as THE WORLD’s GREATEST LOBSTER ROLL documented in these pages time and time again.

Poor fellas.  They should have picked on Curt McAdams  from Bucky’s BBQ and Bread who uses French baguettes and loads the goddamn roll up with lettuce, then they would have easily rolled over the competition but they had to go and call out Good Morning Gloucester.

From the Gloucester Daily Times this morning-

Next Week: Fenway Park Executive Chefs challenge Joey Ciaramitaro to lobster roll competition

By Times Staff

It might be hard for some of us to believe but Fenway Park and the Red Sox have two gourmet-class executive chefs overseeing all of the ballpark food needs. Not only do they feed 38,000 hungry, screaming fans 80 plus times a season but they also serve hundreds of catered events inside the park, from weddings to class reunions to birthday parties.

Like the team, the Red Sox chefs are not afraid of competing with anybody, and they are so confident that they claim that the Fenway lobster roll is better than even what is served in Gloucester.

For The Rest Of The Story On the Gloucester Daily Times Website Click Here


if I can convince them to allow for spectators does anyone want to go in and be part of the studio audience?